Want to clean your couch fast? TikTok mom shares hack using just three household items

The hack that makes cleaning your couch simple...

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TikTok's latest viral cleaning hack uses three items you probably already own to keep your sofa sparkling clean. 

If you're a fan of Mrs Hinch cleaning tips, then you're probably all over TikTok looking for the latest hacks that save you time on household chores - from cleaning your oven to cleaning your TV screen. For those of us who like to keep our homes spotless but don't have the time to clean from floor to ceiling every week, these tips are like nuggets of gold - and we've just found another game-changing hack that promises to make cleaning your couch so much easier. 

TikTok user and mom-of-two AJ Vaughan shared a video of her trying out the the quick technique that easily removes stains from a couch. All you need to try it for yourself is a dishwasher tablet, a microfiber cloth and a saucepan lid - proving that dishwasher tablets can do a lot more than just clean your dishwasher!

The video shows AJ dissolving the dishwasher tablet in hot water before soaking a microfiber cloth in the liquid. She then wraps the cloth around the lid of a saucepan and rubs the cloth all over the sofa while holding on to the lid.

How to try the viral couch cleaning hack


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  1. First, vacuum or brush off any lose dirt from your couch
  2. Place one dishwasher tablet in a bowl of boiling water until it dissolves
  3. Soak your microfiber cloth in the water, and squeeze out any excess
  4. Spread the cloth flat, place your saucepan lid in the center and wrap the cloth around it, tying the ends to the lid handle
  5. Hold onto the lid of the saucepan and scrub the cloth over the surface of the sofa

At the end of the video, AJ shows the difference between the half of the sofa she cleaned and the area she had left, with the clean side of the sofa noticeably stain-free in comparison. 

The TikTok has been liked and shared thousands of times, with many users praising AJ's hack - which she credits to Aesthetically In Home. One commenter wrote under the video, "I did this the other day 🔥 sooo good," while another said, "Wow looks so much better".

Not all reaction was positive, however, with some users pointing out that the solution may leave a chemical residue on the sofa if not rinsed off. If you want to give this hack a go it might be a good idea to check the ingredients in your dishwasher tablets and test out the method on a small section before trying it out on the whole couch.

The hack isn't the only one cuasing a storm on TikTok at the moment. You don't want to miss this electric toothbrush cleaning hack that will transform your teethcleaning game too and this viral TikTok video hack for getting rid of oil stains on clothes. And if you're a parent, check out this simple wet wipe hack from former TOWIE star Lauren Pope.

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