Free celebrity classes for kids! Your complete homeschooling timetable

Online celebrity classes are available now from the likes of Jamie Oliver and David Attenborough to Carole Voderman. They’re sharing their skills online in a whole new way, keeping kids engaged at home.

These are just some of the celebrity kids classes available online.

As the UK is adjusting to lockdown, it’s starting to feel like working from home and homeschooling is the new normal. But while many schools are putting resources online and some teachers are even live-streaming lessons from their living rooms, the changed environment won’t necessarily been inspiring for lots of children.

However, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced over the weekend that there is no planned date for schools to go back, meaning this for now really will be the new normal. Luckily many celebrities have stepped up to help educate the nation's children in fun and lighthearted ways, freeing up some of the pressure on teachers.

So why not keep their brains engaged with a whole timetable of classes from their (and your) favourite celebrities?

With enough things to do every day, you’ll just need to set them up and then you can get on with your own work – knowing they’re in the capable hands of celebrated children’s writers, fitness enthusiasts and maths wizzes.

Here is your timetable of all the celebrity kids classes going on

Anytime: Geography with David Attenborough

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The legendary wildlife presenter, David Attenborough has joined a whole host of other celebrities in the class programme offered by BBC Bitesize Daily. He'll be teaching us all about our world and the animals who live in it, to encourage children to look not just into the wider world around them, but closer to home too.

The programme also features the likes of Danny Dyer teaching kids all about Henry VIII, and footballer Sergio Agüero helping children learn how to count in Spanish. The classes are 20 minutes each, starting with those suitable for 5-11 year olds at 9am and then 11-15 year olds at 10am.

9am: P.E with Joe Wicks

celebrity work outs: joe wicks

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Get a rush of feel-good endorphins to start the day with these viral exercise classes from “The Body Coach”, Joe Wicks. Live every day from his YouTube channel, both parents and children have been absolutely loving the fitness enthusiast’s HIIT-inspired workouts for children.

10am: Music with Myleene Klass

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Straight out of their gym kit and into the music room (or living room, as others like to call it) for a music lesson with world-class pianist and singer, Myleene Klass.

Every day on Twitter and at 10am on her YouTube channel, Myleene is leading a music lesson to teach children how to be noisy in the most useful way possible. Her first lesson taught kids across the UK about dynamics, learning Italian and “playing kitchen instruments like a boss”.

11am: English with David Walliams

celebrity classes: David Walliams

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The Britain’s Got Talent Judge and noted children’s author, David Walliams is hosting a reading session of his stories every day for little book worms.

Head over to “Elevenses” with the World of David Walliams for a new story every day at 11am.

1pm: Maths with Carole Vorderman

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Countdown’s Carole Vorderman has long been involved in teaching kids maths with her site, The Maths Factor. Normally membership to the side costs a couple of pounds a month, but for the whole coronavirus outbreak you can join for free!

Suitable for kids aged 4-11, The Maths Factor even follows the national curriculum so you won’t have to worry about kids missing out on vital maths lessons while they’re off school.

You can access the site at any time for full maths-lessons led by Carole herself.

5.30pm: Home Economics with Jamie Oliver

The renowned television chef, Jamie Oliver is keeping kids cooking with fantastic home economics lessons every day, Monday to Friday – taught from his very own 5-star kitchen.

This is one of the celebrity kids classes for parents to get involved with, as you’ll have to supervise the cutting and chopping. But with other videos also on his channel to inspire adults to come up with new cooking ideas, it's one you'll be tuning into anyway!

Head over to Jamie’s YouTube channel for the first Kitchen Buddies class, on how to make pancakes.

There are LOADS of resources out there to keep kids busy during this chaotic time, so you can get on around the house and only have to check-in to make sure they’re still listening! But we reckon you’ll want to get involved too, with these great sessions from celebrities.

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