Should UK supermarkets offer children free fruit when shopping to promote healthy eating?

It might not be the answer to all our prayers but some UK supermarkets are starting to reel out the concept of giving children free fruit when visiting their store.

We're all about healthy eating here at GoodtoKnow, especially when it comes to our kids. Getting our five-a-day can be hard enough, but making sure our little ones are reaching their fantastic five is a daily struggle.

It might not be the answer to all our prayers, but some UK supermarkets are starting to reel out the concept of giving children free fruit when visiting their stores. And we think it's a great idea!

Our blogger Anneliese set out to feed her family their 5-a-day recently, and it wasn't as easy as you might think

Leading UK supermarket Tesco has been the first to trial out this idea of offering free fruit to children when shopping. The trial was first conducted in 15 Tesco stores in Glasgow. Boxes of apples, oranges and bananas are being placed near store entrances for parents to give their children whilst shopping.

The idea behind this scheme is to keep your kids' hunger at bay and make walking past those sweet and chocolate aisles that little bit easier! Letting them pick their own fruit will make it a great novelty, it'll keep them quiet whilst you tick everything off your shopping list and hopefully it'll make them have a much more positive (and now healthy!) association with going to the supermarket. Result!

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We asked what you thought about UK supermarkets adopting this idea on our Facebook page, and we had some great response...

Carol Whitehead: I think this is a brilliant idea by Tesco and any other supermarket that does this and it helps to learn kids to eat healthily!

Shirlene Baxter: Not sure if ours do but I think they should I would rather my granddaughters eat fruit walking around shop than crisps or sweets.

Gemma Alice Main: I live in New Zealand and we have had his for about a year now and it's brilliant. Never do I see the remains of the fruit and people only take one per child. It's brilliant! Maciej Gronowski: Certainly much better than offering freebies of sweets or salty snacks as it is often the case. On the other hand, it may reinforce the habit of eating frequently and anytime one feels a little bit hungry. This I think is a major problem of our times - satisfying our desires immediately. But still, fruit is much better than alternative.

Mona Al Qemzi: Good idea! Many kids throw a tantrum in the supermarket because they are hungry! And oftentimes, they will ask for the wrong foods to satisfy that hunger! Extra sugar foods like sweets will only aggravate the situation!

Loren Steinwachs: Heck yea... I bet the kids like it plus helpful to parents I'm just thinking wouldn't know lol but I could totally see people talking advantage.

Samantha Allanson: 'And then at the tills we'll put sweets to buy so you kids go nuts while u buy your shopping' I'll be greatful for the free fruit when it's at the checkout thanks.

Harinder Jutla: Definately, Kids always get hungrey whist shopping, rather than eating junk food why not have some fruit.

Have your say! Do you think all leading UK supermarkets should give away free fruit to children whilst shopping? Comment below.

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