Lapland UK 2023: Is it worth it and when can I get tickets?

Lapland UK 2023 don't miss your chance to get tickets

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Lapland UK really is THE place to get your Christmas on. And, here's how you can get ahead now and secure your tickets for 2023.

Every year festive photos of families enjoying Lapland UK are splashed all over Instagram and Facebook, baking with Mother Christmas and trekking through snowy forests to meet Father Christmas. Lapland UK is a great one for a new family tradition, like Christmas family pyjamas. This could even beat the top Christmas toys. This North-Pole-like experience is a truly magical one, and at a fraction of the cost of a trip to actual Lapland.

Alison Battle, creator and co-founder of LaplandUK tells us: “Christmas is a magical time for parents and children, but the innocent belief children have in Father Christmas doesn’t last forever."

Mum-of-two, Dionne agrees, telling us; "My kids love the magic of Christmas. They didn't stop talking about it in the weeks on the run up to it, and then for about two weeks after. It's hard to know when memories are made, but I really hope Lapland UK will be a core one." 

When is Lapland UK open?

12th November 2023 until 24th December 2023. Mike Battle, creator and co-founder of LaplandUK tells us: "We’ve created an unimaginable world, based on an enchanting story – The Untold Story of Father Christmas – where Small Folk and Big Folk truly believe they’ve been transported to the home of Father Christmas in the UK. It’s a unique experience where families come together to make magical memories at Christmas whilst their children still believe.”

Alison Battle, also creator and co-founder of LaplandUK adds: “Christmas is a magical time for parents and children, but the innocent belief children have in Father Christmas doesn’t last forever. So come to LaplandUK to revel in the moment your children still believe in a charming and authentic world of wonder that transports you to a place of make believe.”

What is Lapland UK?

It’s a festive park with ‘Elveden Village’ - home of the elves, Mother and Father Christmas and the reindeers. Children get to meet the elves and help them build toys in the Toy Factory. They also get to ice Christmas cookies with Mother Christmas before meeting the main man himself, Father Christmas.

Located in Ascot Berkshire, it’s an immersive theatre, where staff stay in character throughout as they perform and interact with families as they make their way around the park. 

You receive an ‘Elf Passport’ to travel through a magical door along the eleven Polar pathways. But, not before you invest in some ‘jingle’ currency to spend along the way. 

There’s an ice rink in Elveden Village and cafes as well as a post office to send that all important last-minute list. Adults and children will be able to meet huskies, reindeer and at the end of the visit, the main man himself, Father Christmas! 

Is Lapland UK worth the money?

"I would say Lapland UK is worth the money", says mum-of-two, Louise. “It really is a one-time special and magical experience. We got our tickets £69 pp. The level of detail that has gone into it is amazing. It’s so much more than just meeting Father Christmas."

The ticket price differs from day to day. So it can get pricier closer to Christmas and on weekends. While Lapland UK isn't a cheap day out, dad-of-two, Paul likened it to ‘the same price as West End theatre tickets, but you get so much more!’ A day full of memory making and festive fun - get in early for a better price.

As part of the ticket price you also get a framed photo of you/your family with Father Christmas. Plus, you take away a Christmas Day toy as a gift from Father Christmas to open on the big day. 

Mum-of-three, Kiran told us; “You also get pre-visit letters, access to the Lapland app with games and stories, biscuit decorating, ice skating and meeting Father Christmas to get a gift on the day. PLUS, parents leave with a (discreetly passed) gift and letter from FC to take home for Christmas day.”

Where can I get Lapland UK tickets?

Tickets for December 2023 have been released today Monday 20 March 2023, on the Lapland UK website. Though be quick tickets sell out super fast. While last year there were two ticket drops, this year this is the ONLY ticket release for the season. 

What's included in Lapland UK tickets?

It's always good to get a breakdown of exactly what you'll be getting for the price of a ticket, sometimes 'priceless memories' needs a bit more of a tangible boost. 

  • Entry to Lapland UK at your chosen date and time, with 4 hours worth of performances and activities
  • 1 Invitation box per booking delivered ahead of your visit
  • 1 Personalised Invitation from Father Christmas
  • If you have an infant on your booking, they will also receive an Elflet card inviting them
  • 1 copy of the Lapland Times
  • 1 Children's entry ticket from Travel Master
  • 1 Elf Passport
  • 1 husky soft toy
  • 1 toy factory toy for Christmas Day
  • 1 complimentary souvenir photo per booking
  • Free parking

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Lapland UK - all you need to know from parents who’ve been

What’s best to wear?

“Wear wellies, it can get muddy on the trails. Though the festive forest is quite sheltered so if it’s wet, just a coat with a hood or hat would be fine.” - Mum-of-two, Jas

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How long is the tour?

“When you book your time slot, the actual visit to Father Christmas will be about 4 hours after that. Worth remembering, especially if you have toddlers with you!" Mum-of-three, Lisa

Do you need to pay for ice skating?

“No need to pre-book the ice skating, it’s all included in the ticket price though make your way there as soon as you arrive, before it gets too busy. You have about 90 minutes in Elveden Village before meeting FC himself!” Dad-of-one, Luke

What is the Christmas Day gift? Can you easily hide it?

“Nothing to worry about here, the gift is a cuddly toy bear called Tom Fenton. You are slyly given it as you leave, in an extra 'nothing-to-see-here’ bag, the kids didn’t even notice.” mum-of-twins, Lucy

What’s the best age for kids to enjoy Lapland UK?

“Mine were six and three, tbh my three year old got a bit bored and antsy around the Mrs Claus story and just wanted to be ice skating. I’d say aged 5+ is the best age for them to really get the most out of it all.” Mum-of-three, Suzie

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