Aldi is selling a genius pizza maker for less than £30 this summer - and it's still in stock!

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Aldi is selling a super clever pizza maker for less than £30 this summer - and it's still in stock!

Over the last few weeks, we've seen some incredible Specialbuy bargains from Aldi, like the sell-out rattan egg chairs, which are now available in cute mini sizes for your pets.

And not forgetting the bargain cooling bedding that sold out in the blink of an eye online when the UK heatwave hit last week.

It's safe to say the recent offers have made us spend a little extra at the beloved supermarket, but perhaps you are one of the unlucky few who missed out on the great deals.

Fear not, since the budget retailer has launched yet another must-have specialbuy for just £29.99!

Aldi's new Ambiano Pizza Maker is a cool portable nifty tool that can also be used as a panini press.

Aldi Ambiano Pizza Maker

Ambiano Pizza Maker - £29.99 at Aldi
Aldi has a super sleek Pizza Maker in stock right now priced at less than £30. The ultimate kitchen gadget for pizza fanatics.

Although it is not the luxury pizza oven that was previously available at Aldi, it is still an amazing addition to any kitchen.

The pizza maker is simple to operate and boasts a sleek black design with changeable temperature controls, a ready-to-use light, and non-stick coating.

Ambiano's grill allows you to reach that flawlessly crisp finish on any doughy creation of your choice.

The gadget is great for any late night snack that's up to 11 inches, so whether you're cooking up a fresh, frozen, or homemade pizza feast Aldi has just what you need.

Ambiano Pizza Maker

(Image credit: Aldi)

The multi-tool can also be used to cook fresh seasonal vegetables at temperatures up to 180° and what's more you only have to wait approximately 3 minutes for a delicious cook up.

Aldi's grill is also backed by a three-year warranty, so what are you waiting for? The store is currently accepting pre-orders, with a delivery date of June 10th.

Aldi's product description reads, "Get your pizza on and enjoy sizzling summer slices with this amazing Ambiano Pizza Maker. Easy to use, this Pizza Maker has a large cooking plate that heats evenly for crisp, golden bases."

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