Amazon is selling HUGE mega value boxes of McVitie's biscuits


Amazon is selling a mega value box of mini McVitie's biscuits, including Penguins and Iced Gems all for under £8 including delivery!

Amazon is our go-to place for finding the best bulk buys. Right now they have an incredible range of all our favourites, from a box of 300 Biscoff Biscuits to a pack of 50 Happy Hippos. The most exciting deal to be had  however, is the Mega Value McVitie's box, for under £8.

The Mega Value box has 28 packets of McVitie's mini Gingerbread Men, Iced Gems, and mini Penguins all for just £7.78 and delivered straight to your door!

The bargain box of sweet treats is the perfect thing to stock up the cupboards. This value pack is ideal for summer pics, to take on a trip, or to put in lunchboxes when kids go back to school. The box of 28 will last for weeks and help you cut down on your weekly shop.

McVitie's Mega Value 28 Packs 12 Mini Ginger Bread Men, 10 Iced Gems& 6 Mini Penguins

View Deal at Amazon - £7.78

McVities Mega Value 28 Packs 12 Mini Ginger Bread Men, 10 Iced Gems& 6 Mini Cookies

(Image credit: Amazon)

It would also make a great gift for die-hard biscuit fans and just to keep your kitchen stocked up with tasty snacks.

Amazon shoppers love the deal and have left some glimmering reviews.

One customer said, 'Brilliant for the whole family, kids love them and it's good value for what you get.'

Another said, 'Excellent for kids snacks well worth the money get separate little bag great for kids pack lunches.'

If you're more of a traditional biscuit fan you can also buy a McVitie's Barrell Box with five packs of all your favourites, including Rich Teas, Hobnobs, and Digestives, of course.

McVitie's Biscuit Barrel Box 5 Pack Biscuits

View Deal at Amazon - £4

McVitie's Biscuit Barrel Box 5 Pack Biscuits

(Image credit: Amazon)

You get five whole packets of Hobnobs, Digestives, Rich Teas, Fruit Shortcake, and Ginger Nuts all for just £4 right now! It's an Amazon bestseller and it's not hard to see why.

You'll never have to go without a biscuit with your cuppa again! This box is ideal to stock up on the family favourites especially as we move into the colder months when hourly hot drinks and biscuits are a must!

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