Black Friday dehumidifier deals: grab the Pro Breeze 12L Day Dehumidifier with 24% off on Amazon

Dehumidifier with touch panel, humidity indicator, uv lamp, air ionizer, water container works at home
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Black Friday dehumidifier deals on Amazon could see you a massive 24% off the Pro Breeze 12L Day Dehumidifier - perfect for anyone looking to invest this winter.

Black Friday is almost upon us, with everything from Black Friday GHD straighteners deals (opens in new tab) and Fitbit Black Friday deals (opens in new tab) already live. But for those who have already stocked up on gifts for their loved ones, be it the top Christmas toys for 2021 (opens in new tab) or a, there’s still time to bag yourself a bargain on products for your home. One investment item you might’ve had your eye on is of course a dehumidifier to help combat any damp or humidity as winter draws in. 

Here we reveal our pick of the best Black Friday dehumidifier deals to keep the moisture level in your home just right for you.

Dehumidifier deals at a glance:

Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze 12L Day Dehumidifier has been certified with a highly prestigious and internationally renowned Quiet Mark, an accolade only given to the quietest products out there. This makes this handy gadget perfect for use in those more tranquil areas of your home, including bedrooms, living rooms and offices. 

Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier with Digital Humidity Display, Sleep Mode, Continuous Drainage, Laundry Drying and 24 Hour Timer - £149.99 - £114.71 - SAVE 24% (opens in new tab)
Removing up to 12 litres of water per day, this is ideal for damp, condensation, moisture in home and anywhere suffering from humid conditions. Comes with auto-on and off timers, digital display and 24 hour timer. 

With its built-in automatically on and off timers, you can set the dehumidifier for up to 24 hours to turn on or off during the day or night. The Pro Breeze’s 12L Day Dehumidifier even has a digital Led display and an easy-to-read screen to keep you up-to-date on the humidity level. 

You can control the amount of moisture in your home with three dehumidification modes, including auto, continuous and sleep mode and the automatic humidity sensor is built in. This allows you to set your desired humidity level between 30-80% and once achieved, this clever unit will turn off in an energy conserving move. 

Black Friday dehumidifier deals 2021

Pro Breeze 20L/Day Dehumidifier with Digital Humidity Display, Sleep Mode, Continuous Drainage, Laundry Drying and 24 Hour Timer - £199.99 - £154.87 - SAVE 23% (opens in new tab)
Removing up to 20 litres a day from your chosen room, this fabulous dehumidifier has four modes including laundry mode, auto-defrost, child lock and fan only. With an in-built timer and large water tank, this is the perfect dehumidifier for damp and condensation.
Blyss Cube Reusable Dehumidifier - £5.00 - £3.50 - SAVE £1.50 | B&Q (opens in new tab)
This dehumidifier is great for removing excess moisture from the air in medium sized rooms. It will help combat the undesirable consequences of high humidity such as condensation, damp, musty smells, wood rot, mould and mildew. Donut refills are available either neutral or scented (80mm x 224mm).
Duux Bora Smart Dehumidifier - £299 - £269.10 | Fenwick (opens in new tab)
App-enabled through DUUX app (App store and Google Play store) this dehumidifier will work on an area up to up to 40m². Air circulation – 230 CBM/hr. Eco-friendly R290-refrigerant with auto de-frost. The caster wheels and foldable carry handle help ease movement. Carbon filter included and continuous drainage hose for4L water tank capacity as it will fill 20L/day. Weighs 15kg and uses 400w power with a noise level of 46dBA. There are three operational modes (auto, continuous, drying). self-cleaning mode for hassle-free use and a 24-h timer. Alerts when water tank is full and has a water level indicator.

But if you’re looking for other options for your chosen dehumidifier then there are plenty of other Black Friday dehumidifier deals to enjoy. Pro Breeze’s 20L Day Dehumidifier can remove up to a staggering 20L of water a day with a 5.5L tank that shuts off automatically when full.

Easily portable between rooms, this model is ideal for rooms with damp conditions or condensation and could even help you dry your clothes with one of its four ingenious dehumidifying modes: laundry mode. 

Whether you're looking for the super quiet Pro Breeze 12L Day Dehumidifier or just browsing for a new dehumidifier for your home this winter, Amazon's Black Friday dehumidifier deals have you covered. 

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