Primark online shopping: Can you order online and does Primark deliver?

Primark is getting a new website to help ease shopping online but can you order online and will Primark deliver? All the answers revealed...

Primark store
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Want to do some Primark online shopping? Any Primark fanatic is desperate to know if the bargain fashion favourite is set to launch online.

Primark shoppers will be delighted with the news that the popular budget high-street retailer has launched a new website to showcase all of its must-buy items and its trialling a click-and-collect service in 25 of its stores.

Forget battling the queues to see if Primark has your must holiday outfit in the store, as you will soon be able to browse the items of stock being sold in-store online and also have a sneak peek at the new arrivals.

Almost every high street clothing store has a website dedicated to internet shopping but until now, budget clothing giant Primark had been a little different.

With all this set to change, we look at the upcoming changes to the Primark online shopping experience...

Primark online shopping

The new Primark website, set to launch in 2022 will give shoppers the chance to see which stores are selling their top items as well as view any upcoming new arrivals.

The stock search feature will be particularly handy to avoid a wasted journey into the store if you're after snapping up those gorgeous sandals, only to discover after a trip to town that they're only being sold at a different store.

In its latest trading update, the retailer said the new website will launch in 2022.

It said, "The improved functionality of the website will allow us to showcase a much larger proportion of the Primark range and provide to customers range availability by store."

And it recently launched its trial click-and-collect service at 25 stores - covering children's items only so far.

But while the new website has its advantages, there are still some much-needed features missing...

Do Primark deliver?

Primark is yet to start offering an online delivery service, despite constant pleas from customers.

Primark does have a website where you can browse a range of its current products, but you can't go as far as placing an order that will arrive at your front door.


Customers have responded to the lack of Primark access by bombarding social media with calls for an online shopping service.

Why don't Primark sell online?

Luckily for confused Primark lovers, the company has finally cleared up the confusion surrounding their absence on the online shopping market - aside from its newly introduced click-and-collect trial that shoppers at selected stores can order at least £15 worth of items, without charge for collection, online to pick up in one of the participating stores.

It turns out there's a very good reason why there's no convenient option to fill a virtual basket with Primark treats and have them shipped to you without leaving the comfort of your home - and it might be something we'll have to accept!

And while YouTubers continue to share their top picks from inside the store, it seems like online is the perfect way to browse what you might want to buy. At least looking beforehand online should reduce the amount of time you spend in the store.

Primark took to social media to ask followers what they would love to see from the brand this year.

'How about online shopping like the rest of the world. Why do you still refuse to do this? Shops are closed so everyone goes online, you are losing out,' one intrigued Tweeter replied.

Primark quickly shattered our dreams, penning, 'We will pass your suggestion on, but we have to tell you David, an online store is not in our plans.'

Another begged, 'Please make your clothes available online!!!'

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Giving a final explanation and breaking the hearts of online shoppers living in hope, Primark explained that their famously cheap price tags would suffer if they made a move to the internet.

'Our amazing prices would not be anymore,' a defining Tweet said.

We can't say we're not gutted, but we're definitely not ready to sacrifice those Primark prices!

However, bosses could re-evaluate its online position following a new trial of it's click-and-collect service which launched on November 14th, 2022 - it's popularity caused the website to crash for four hours.

Primark currently has 376 stores across Europe, including 189 branches in the UK.

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