Does Primark deliver? Store bosses finally reveal why we can’t shop Primark online

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  • Any Primark fanatic will be all too aware of the heartbreaking fact that the bargain fashion favourite is unavailable online.

    In an age where almost every high street clothing store has a website dedicated to internet shopping, budget clothing giant Primark is a little different.

    Do Primark deliver?

    Primark are yet to start offering an online delivery service, despite constant pleas from customers.

    Primark does have a website where you can browse a range of its current products, but you can’t go as far as placing an order that will arrive at your front door.

    If you want to stock up on some affordable fashion, you have to go about it the old fashioned way and visit a Primark store in person.


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    However it goes without say that that’s really not an option right now. With the third coronavirus lockdown currently in place across the UK, Primark stores have been forced to close their doors along with hundreds of other non-essential shops.

    Customers have responded to the lack of Primark access by bombarding social media with calls for an online shopping service.

    Why don’t Primark sell online?

    Luckily for confused Primark lovers, the company has finally cleared up the confusion surrounding their absence on the online shopping market.

    It turns out there’s a very good reason why there’s no convenient option to fill a virtual basket with Primark treats and have them shipped to you without leaving the comfort of your home – and it might be something we’ll have to accept!

    Primark took to social media to ask followers what they would love to see from the brand this year.

    How about online shopping like the rest of the world. Why do you still refuse to do this? Shops are closed so everyone goes online, you are losing out,’ one intrigued Tweeter replied.

    Primark quickly shattered our dreams, penning, ‘We will pass your suggestion on, but we have to tell you David, an online store is not in our plans.’

    Another begged, ‘Please make your clothes available online!!!’ and a third chipped in to say, ‘Primark X online shopping so my high-risk, disabled 23-year-old can shop without leaving the house. She’s been in once with her Dad, she needed to and said it felt safe but I think we’d all like it if she could just order online.’

    Giving a final explanation and breaking the hearts of online shoppers living in hope, Primark explained that their famously cheap price tags would suffer if they made a move to the internet.

    Our amazing prices would not be anymore,’ a defining Tweet said.

    We can’t say we’re not gutted, but we’re definitely not ready to sacrifice those Primark prices!