Mum shares a genius wrapping paper saving hack that’ll save you so much money

A simple trick to save a fortune!
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  • A mum has shared her genius tip to save money on wrapping paper – and it’s all to do with the angle that you wrap up your gifts.

    Are you forever buying rolls and rolls of gift wrap, but no matter how many you buy, you always seem to run out before you’ve finished all your Christmas gifts?

    Well, this simple trick proves we’ve all been wrapping up our gifts completely wrong and wasting money and paper at the same time.

    The savvy wrapper, Lynsey Burnham, posted the photos along with her tip on the Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas page and captioned it, ‘Learned from the National Trust today – trying to use up remnants of old wrapping paper to save waste / buying more, and found out today, years’ old, that if you wrap diagonally instead, the wrap should fit.’

    Wrapping paper

    Lynsey shows how using a small piece of wrapping was too short for her boxed item, if wrapping it the normal way.

    And then she shows the outcome of tilting the paper at an angle, allowing more of the paper to cover the package and therefore fit without needing to buy more paper or use a bigger piece.

    wrapping paper hack

    ‘I bet so many of you already knew this,’ she added.

    But she wasn’t the only one to learn this revelation when it comes to wrapping. As another member shared the post and captioned it, ‘Didn’t know this….but what a great tip.’

    And if you’re unsure of how to do it, you can watch this video tutorial which will show you everything you need to know.

    While it won’t help you save on wrapping for the gifts already sealed, it will help you with any extra gifts in the run up to the big day.

    Meanwhile, if you want to make your money stretch that little bit further, Primark paper bags double up as wrapping paper so be sure to save the bag at the side of your wrapping pile.

    It also means you can feel less guilty for buying extra gifts – either for you or that someone special – as handfuls of the high street store bags are classed essential wrapping resources, right?!