Martin Lewis just shared vital advice for bargain hunters ahead of Black Friday

Martin Lewis seen at the BBC on April 23, 2018 in London, England.
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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has urged bargain-hunting shoppers to do one simple thing ahead of Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday sales.

Thanks to US holiday Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is only a few weeks away, with the likes of Pandora's Black Friday deals, KitchenAid Black Friday deals, blender Black Friday deals and price cuts on the top Christmas toys among the thousands of bargains to be had.

As the annual global sales event draws closer, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has shared his critical advice for dealing with the sales to make sure you actually get a good deal.

In typical Martin fashion, he advises shoppers to check the pricing of whatever they're thinking of buying right now so they can see if the Black Friday discount is indeed a bargain.

Taking to Twitter to share his wisdom, Martin wrote, "Quick Tip. Got anything you're planning to buy during #BlackFriday promotions?

"Go and do a price check now, so you have a benchmark to see if it is really cheaper when it is 'discounted'."

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While there are many legitimate deals to be found in the sales, retailers sometimes increase the original asking price to make the discount appear better than it is.

Most Black Friday offers last until Cyber Monday, which is November 29, so you'll have plenty of time to take advantage of them. However, Martin, insists, the best deals are between 30 - 50% off.

In recent years, Black Friday has extended into a month-long event, with many big retailers launching bargains a few weeks before the official date. This year, though, things may be different since so many retailers are struggling with supply shortages caused by a wide-spread delivery driver crisis.

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Martin's recent Black Friday warning isn't his first money-saving tip in recent weeks, as the money guru shared his urgent advice for families who have lost £20 in universal credit.

The warnings come as the cost of electricity for millions of people soars due to an increase in the energy price cap and the end of the furlough scheme.

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