The Primark secrets you need to know ahead of stores reopening on April 12th

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Primark is reopening in just days! April 12th is the big day for savvy shoppers desperate to get back to the high street favourite to snap up some fashion bargains. 

With Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown underway, Brits will soon be able to hit the shops for some post-lockdown retail therapy.

This is big deal for die hard Primark fans, because there's no option to shop Primark online.

In even more thrilling news, Primark and plenty of other high street shops will be staying open late when they finally open their doors to the public once again.

If you're planning a big Primark spend up, there's some details you should know. Primark staff have been revealing store secrets online and they've got us raring to shop.

Apparently, stores are being transformed ahead of the grand reopening, with new stock hitting shelves.


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It seems like we won't be able to get our hands on much of the winter stock that has sat untouched over lockdown.

'Swansea has already been merchandised to spring summer , there is some winter clearance and winter stock on the floor,' a Facebook user claiming to be a Primark employee wrote on a Primark fan page.

"I work in Primark and everything we had last year is going back to the depo until the end of the year, but I’m not too sure,' another wrote.

'For those that are unaware a majority of Primark staff are now back to work getting the store summer ready for you guys when we reopen. All winter stock is being boxed up and summer stock is getting delivered. Wont be long now guys. When I said ALL winter stock i should have said a majority. We are still keeping a v small amount if winter stuff. But majority has to go to make space for summer lines,' a third commenter clarified.

Meanwhile, a former staff member has been blessing TikTok with more secrets that are really handy to know about if you're a Primark regular.

Poleighh Soper has shared multiple videos on the app, providing us with vital Primark intel - including how you can get a discount.

“If you've got a slight bit of dirt or damage on an item and they don't have any more of them in your size take it to the till.

"If you're still happy to buy it that's 10 per cent off," she explained.

Poleighh also revealed a secret code that staff use to call security without letting shoppers know.

“Have you ever heard ‘can Mr Brown just come to the checkout?’ Let me tell you who that is.

“Say your security company, who stand by the door to make sure nobody’s stealing, their name is Brown’s Security Services, that’s who they’re calling.

“They’re actually calling for security, they just don’t want the customer to know.”

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