Personalised Christmas Eve box ideas 2021

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  • Be it DIY or shop-bought – we’ve shared some sweet personalised Christmas Eve box ideas to inspire your night-before gift.

    It’s all about kicking the gift-giving off early with this new Christmas tradition, that sees families share small and handy pressies with each other on the 24th December. Think Christmas socks for him, one of the top Christmas toys 2021 for them, or some matching family Christmas pyjamas for the whole crew. But of course, before you start getting carried away with some Christmas Eve box filler ideas, there’s the small matter of the box to see to first.

    A personalised Christmas Eve box with your child’s name on is a lovely thoughtful touch. And there’s plenty of gorgeous wooden options available that offer exquisite engraving too. You could also always get creative and make your own little box to treasure for years to come. With this in mind, we’ve shared our picks of the best Christmas Eve boxes online alongside tips on how to decorate your own.

    Personalised Christmas Eve box ideas: how to make and decorate your own

    Christmas Eve boxes don’t need to be anything extravagant, and if you fancy making one yourself all you need is a box big enough for the treats you’ve bought and a bit of imagination when it comes to decoration. You can keep it simple and write a Christmas message on the front, or you could wrap it in Christmas paper.

    Equipment needed for a DIY Christmas Eve box

    Credit: Canva

    You will need:

    Suggested box decorations:

    There are no set instructions on how to craft your Christmas Eve box. You could keep your wooden box plain and go for a rustic look, fastening on the felt decorations and letterings. Similarly, paint your box with some acrylic paint and allow it to dry, before adding some sparkle and stickers.

    If you’re not a fan of the letterings, use a permanent marker and show off some calligraphy skills when writing your child’s name. And of course why not rope the kids in themselves to design their own box to their liking, as part of a fun Christmas crafting afternoon in the lead up to the big day.

    There’s also loads of great inspiration on the web on how to decorate your Christmas Eve boxes. Pinterest is a great place to pin your Christmas Eve decor ideas. And we particularly love this DIY Family box design uploaded by Becky craftandgoodies:

    Best personalised Christmas Eve boxes to buy in 2021:

    Alternatively, you can pick up a sweetly decorated or personalised box pretty cheaply online and keep them for years to come. Here are 11 adorable Christmas Eve box ideas to snap up now…

    1. Christmas Eve Flat Pack Box

    Poundshop personalised Christmas Eve box

    Credit: Poundshop

    We love picking up a bargain at the Poundshop. And this ‘Christmas Eve Delivery’ box is one of those indeed. The box comes flat pack but is easy to assemble. Plus there’s lettered stickers for you to add your child’s name to the top too.


    2. Personalised Children’s Wooden Christmas Eve Crate

    Wooden Christmas Eve Crate

    Credit: Etsy

    We were swayed by the extra sweet characters on this stunning woodland-themed Christmas Eve crate, with the personalisation just the cherry on the top. But don’t take our word for it. One Etsy reviewer commented: “I love this box so much! I wasn’t expecting it to be so well made for the price, but it is so sturdy. Beautifully made, I can’t wait to fill it with goodies for my girl’s first Christmas Eve and use over and over again in years to come!”

    VIEW AT ETSY | £21.95

    3. Dear Santa Christmas Eve Box

    Paperchase Dear Santa gift box

    Credit: Paperchase

    The Dear Santa Christmas Eve Box from Paperchase has got us counting down the days until we can construct a mega-festive ginger bread house with icing and candy, snuggle up by the fire and wait for Father Christmas. The fairytale-esque box screams Christmas Eve in every way and is a super sweet option for all ages and genders.


    4. Nutcracker Christmas Gift Box

    Nutcracker Christmas gift box

    Credit: Hobbycraft

    This Nutcracker-themed Christmas Eve box from Hobbycraft works well for both kids and adults. And at £3.50 it’s an absolute steal too.


    5. Treat Republic Personalised Baubles Christmas Eve Box

    Wooden John Lewis personalised Christmas Eve box

    Credit: John Lewis

    The Treat Republic Personalised Baubles Christmas Eve Box from John Lewis is the perfect way to make Christmas Eve memories that last for years to come. The sturdy wooden boxes have gorgeously rustic latch closures and are beautifully engraved on top. They’ll last for years so you can bring them out again and again for Christmas and even pass them down when your little ones have their own.


    6. Christmas Eve Gift Box

    Hobbycraft Christmas Eve box

    Credit: Hobbycraft

    For those looking for exactly what it says on the tin – look no further than this ‘Christmas Eve Box’ from Hobbycraft. We love the cartoon snow theme that covers the edges. And the cheap price too.


    7. North Pole Personalised Christmas Eve Box

    North Pole box

    Credit: Not on the High Street

    This North Pole inspired trinket box might just take the crown as the best personalised Christmas Eve box in 2021. Simply input the names of who helps Santa pack his sleigh, who goes ice-skating with Penguins and so on. And watch the wonder on your little one’s face as they follow the dots (and adventures) of this exquisite wooden box.

    VIEW AT NOTHS | £39.50

    8. Elf Boy & Girl Personalised Christmas Eve Box

    Etsy elf personalised Christmas Eve box

    Credit: Etsy

    Present this very special Christmas Eve delivery to some suitably impressed kids. You can select if they’ve been naughty or nice and add their name to the front, so they know exactly who this box belongs to. It’s also one of the cheapest personalised Christmas Eve boxes at under £3.

    VIEW AT ETSY | £2.45

    9. Personalised Christmas Eve Box

    Etsy personalised Christmas Eve box

    Credit: Etsy

    Your kid will fall in love with this oh-so-cute personalised Reindeer box. The sturdy wooden box means you can keep and re-use it for years to come too. Customers on Etsy have also given this particular box an incredible 4.9 star rating too, with one commenting “It’s really good quality and arrived quickly.”

    VIEW AT ETSY | £13.50

    10. Foldable Christmas Eve Box

    Foldable Christmas box

    Credit: Studio

    This rustic flat-pack night before Christmas box is great for filling with goodies and gifts. And we love the little round buttons that help this stay solid and together. You can also add some personalisation by writing their names on the label on the top of the box too. Not bad for under £6.

    VIEW AT STUDIO | £5.49

    11. Wooden Christmas Eve Box Personalised Engraved Sleigh Crate

    Wooden Amazon personalised Christmas Eve box

    Credit: Amazon

    This adorable Amazon offering can be personalised in the cutest way, with each made to order box arriving at your door with a name of your choice engraved into them. The Nordic style box is bound to look stunning by any fireplace or under any Christmas tree and will add a touch of festive joy to anyone’s night before Christmas.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £24.95

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