Prince George’s first Sports Day offers great opportunity for Kate to follow in Diana’s footsteps

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  • Prince George has nearly completed his first year at Thomas's Battersea private day school and is likely to be getting excited for his first ever Sports Day.

    The school holidays will give the little royal some time to play with his little sister Princess Charlotte and to bond with his younger brother Prince Louis, who was born in April.

    Before Prince George breaks up from school though, he’ll have to compete in his first ever Sports Day and his mum Kate is sure to get involved too.

    Kate had to miss Prince George’s first day of school as she was suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum but the hands-on mum will not want to miss another big milestone.

    Her eldest son’s first Sports Day offers Kate the chance to follow in her husband’s late-mother’s footsteps, as Diana was known for her Sports Day enthusiasm.

    princess diana prince william sports day

    At Prince William’s Sports Day back in 1989 Princess Diana was photographed enthusiastically crossing the mum’s race finish line with her hands in the air and a huge smile.

    princess diana prince harry sports day

    Diana also competed in Prince Harry’s Sports Day in 1991 but missed out on the top stop.

    Kate likes to keep active and loves to spend quality time with her children in the great outdoors.

    At the Cambridges’ most recent family day out to the polo Kate showed off her agility as she ran around with Prince George and Princess Charlotte while wearing some wedged sandals.

    kate middleton polo

    Kate and William have previously spoken about her children’s love of sport such as tennis, skiing and horse riding but we’ll have to wait until race day to see if Prince George is a little sprinter.

    He certainly looked like he had potential as a runner as he chased Princess Charlotte around the polo fields.

    prince george princess charlotte playing

    Little did the pair know this was part of Kate’s clever hack to get her children to behave!

    According to Hello! Magazine pupils at Prince George’s school do not compete in Sports Day for personal glory. The younger students take part in fun activities such as sack races and obstacle courses to win points for their team.

    We don’t know how competitive Prince George or his mum Kate Middleton really are but we know that everyone likes to be a winner…

    Given Princess Diana had at least one race under her belt, it’s likely Kate will want to take part for Prince George. Perhaps she’ll ditch the shoes and go barefoot just as Diana did!