30 of the best Halloween games for kids of all ages

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  • These exciting Halloween games for kids are sure to get the spooky festivities going.

    Looking for Halloween party ideas? Look no further than our round-up of the best Halloween games for kids; from the easy shop-bought to the DIY and penny free.

    We’ve rounded up 30 games for you that are as equally creepy and goose-bump inducing as the next. Whether you’re playing them together at home or out at a Halloween party, our chilling round-up of the best Halloween games for kids features favourites such as apple bobbing, zombie-themed wink murder and a fun mummy-wrap game – plus we’ve got some for little ones who don’t want to be too spooked. Just add some Halloween party food and you’ve got everything you need for a spook-tacular evening.

    30 of the best Halloween games for kids:

    1. Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

    the Witch Toss halloween game

    Credit: Amazon

    Suitable for: 12 months and up

    This one’s sure to get them screaming with laughter. Simply inflate these 10 wicked witch hats and spread them out in a large space. Each kid takes it in turn to throw the hoops over the hats, trying to achieve the most points. And of course, the player with the highest points is the winner.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £21.59

    2. Apple Bobbing

    Kids playing the Halloween game apple bobbing

    Credit: Getty

    Suitable for: 5 to 8 year olds

    An oldie but a goodie. Simply fill a bowl with water and get the kids to take it in turns to grab the apple without using their hands. Time each child’s go – the winner is the person who gets their fruit the fastest! You will need to supervise this and have a towel ready…

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £10.50

    3. Ghost Races

    Kids playing sack races

    Credit: Getty

    Suitable for: 3 to 8 year olds

    Give the good old-fashioned sack race a fun Halloween twist! We recommend swapping the sacks for white pillowcases. And get the little ones to customise their own by drawing on a creepy ghost face. Once dried, set up a start and finish line to the race. Then count them down before seeing who can hop to victory first.

    4. Mummy Wrap

    Halloween games for kids: mummy wrap

    Suitable for: all ages

    Get the kids into teams of 3 or 4. In each team, choose one child (or adult!) to be The Mummy. The rest of the team use a roll of toilet paper to wrap them up as a Mummy. The winner can either be the group that finishes first or the group that does the best job of wrapping up their Mummy.

    5. Pumpkin Patch Stomp

    Suitable for: 5 and over

    Pumpkin Patch Stomp is one of the easiest Halloween games for kids to set up. All you’ll need is some orange balloons (plus some ample breath to blow them up). Then arrange them outside, start a timer and see how many ‘pumpkins’ they can pop before time is up. The winner here is the one with the most burst balloons. But for an inspired take, hide mini toys in each balloon when blowing them up, so that when they burst – everyone’s a winner!

    6. Marshmallow Game

    Two children with marshmallows in their mouths

    Credit: Getty

    Suitable for: 6 and over

    Whilst this game does come with a sweet-tooth warning, it’s one that will have everyone crying with laughter by the end. Pick up a couple of bags of marshmallows on your weekly shop. Line the kids up and go along giving them a marshmallow one by one, asking them to keep it in their mouth and say the phrase ‘I’m the Wicked Witch of the West’. Repeat this as the marshmallows continue to build in their mouth, until they can no longer coherently say the line. We guarantee they’ll be a few new funny sentences you’ll not have heard of before!

    7. What’s in the bowl?

    Halloween games for kids: whats in the bowl

    Suitable for: 5-10 year olds

    Prepare bowls filled with gross, slimy feeling foods that could be interpretative as Halloween themed nasties, such as peeled grapes as eye balls or slimy spaghetti as brains. Each child has to put their hands in the bowls and guess what they’re feeling.

    Why not give an ultra Halloween twist by swapping the bowl for a spooky cauldron instead?

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £18.59 

    8. Halloween Bingo

    A Halloween bingo card on a surface next to a pumpkin

    Credit: Amazon

    Suitable for: 5-10 year olds

    Bingo – but a bit spookier! We love this pre-made Halloween themed bingo set – which instead of numbers has characters like Frankenstein, a skeleton and ghost to tick off. Appoint a host who picks a caller image randomly and reads out the Halloween related item for the players to cross out on their bingo card. The host continues to read aloud caller images until a player has a full house and shouts ‘BOO’ instead of Bingo!

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £4.99

    9. Give the Witch a Wart

    Give the Witch a Wart game

    Credit: Amazon

    Suitable for: 5-8 year olds

    Just like the old classic, pin the tail on the donkey, but with a Halloween twist! Get the kids to take it in turns at pinning the wart (or a bit of green Plasticine) on the witch’s nose. Blindfold them, spin them round three times and then set them off. The other kids can help by shouting ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ depending on how near they are to the witch’s face. Once they’ve stuck the wart on, take it off but make a note of the child’s initials where it was stuck. The winner is the child who gets the wart closest to the end of the nose. Tip: Create your own DIY version – simply draw and cut out a picture of a witch and stick it on the wall before the party.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £3.99

    10. Spider Splat

    Spider splat game

    Credit: Amazon

    Suitable for: 5 and up

    A kid-friendly dartboard with a Halloween twist! This set includes a spider web poster to pin on a wall with different pointed targets. Have your little ones take turns throwing (and aiming) the sticky spiders at the wicked web, totting up their points. And of course the player with the highest points wins.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £5.99

    11. Pumpkin Golf

    Suitable for: 3 and up

    Make the most of pumpkin season, with this simple pitch and putt pumpkin golf game. A bit of DIY is in order with this activity: carve your pumpkins, making sure to leave an extra wide hole for the mouth. Then dot your stylised squashes around your back garden, equip the kids with a club and ball and let them tackle the course individually or as a team.

    You can pick up plastic golf club sets that are colourful kid-sized from Amazon these days at under a tenner. Plenty of reason to give this one a go.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £8.40

    12. Halloween Twister

    Kids demonstrating how to play Halloween Twister

    Credit: Amazon

    Suitable for: 5-10 year olds

    Left arm – ghost, right leg – pumpkin… Spin the dial to see which Halloween icon they’ll have to manoeuvre to next in this spooky themed take on the classic tangled limb game. This set from Amscan has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and is a steal at under £10.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £7.19

    13. Skeleton Relay

    Halloween games for kids: Skeleton relay

    Suitable for: 5-12 year olds

    Draw out all the bones to make up two skeletons on a sturdy piece of card and lay all the bones in a pile on one side on the room, with a surface or card to place or pin them on at the end other end of the room. Split your little monsters up into two teams and on the whistle one by one they must run to assemble the skeleton tagging in the next person. The first team with a full skeleton wins – educational AND fun!

    14. Eyeball Pong

    Suitable for: 5 and over

    Beer pong made kid-friendly. This one might be one of the most challenging Halloween games for kids, as they use their hand eye co-ordination skills to throw and land the eyeball into the plastic cup. Separate them into teams first, and the winning group is the one who manages to land all the eyeballs into their opponents cups.

    15. Lights off Hide and Seek

    Halloween games for kids: hide and seek

    Suitable for: 3-8 year olds

    We don’t need to explain the rules for this one! Add a Halloween theme to traditional hide and seek by getting the kids to wear costumes. If you’re feeling brave you could let them play inside with the curtains drawn and the lights off and give the seeker a torch…

    Straight out of a one of the famous Halloween movies, it’s sure to give a couple of kids a fright.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £3.29

    16. Creepy Crawly Treasure Hunt

    Suitable for: 3-12 year olds

    Buy some Halloween-themed small toys (like toy spiders, bats, mini toy pumpkins) and hide them around the garden or house. Separate the kids out into groups of 2 or 3 and give them a list of what they have to find. Once they’ve collected everything on their list, they can collect their prize.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £9.99

    17. Spider Races

    Suitable for: 3-12 year olds

    Place some plastic spiders on a table and have the kids blow them across the table with some festive Halloween straws. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins.

    18. Doughnut Game

    Halloween games for kids: Donut

    Suitable for: 5-10 year olds

    Tie string around a jam doughnut (that looks like it’s filled with blood when you bite into it) and hang it from the ceiling so it’s at the kids’ head height. The kids have to eat the doughnuts with their hands tied behind their backs.

    19. Spooky Pinata

    Halloween games for kids: spooky piñata

    Suitable for: 5 and over

    Make a spooky themed piñata stuffed with scary sweets and let the children take it in turns to bash it until all the goodies fall out for a sweet treat.

    20. What’s in the pond?

    Halloween games for kids: jelly fingers

    Suitable for: 4 and over

    Make up a big bowl of jelly and hide little Halloween toys and wrapped sweeties in it. Have the kids stick their hands in the gungy ‘water’ and guess what it is they can feel, before pulling it out to see if they’re right.

    21. Halloween Bowling

    Suitable for: 3 and over

    One of those fun Halloween games for kids that the whole family can get involved in. Make a note to hang onto empty cans or water bottles in the lead up to the party. Wash thoroughly before getting creative with the poster paints – turning them into funny and frightful looking monsters. After you’ve decorated the full set (5 minimum), grab a tennis ball and line them up on an even service, ready for these ‘pins’ to be knocked down and enjoyed.

    22. Halloween Post It Game

    Close up of woman with post it note on her head

    Credit: Getty

    Suitable for: 5 and over

    This one’s not just for kids. Revamp the classic post-it ‘guess who’ game that’s played around most Christmas tables. Stick a post it with a different Halloween character or symbol – witch’s broom, Frankenstein or a pumpkin – drawn or written on their head. Have them ask the other players Yes or No based questions to help them discover their identity before the others do.

    23. Sweetie Guessing Game

    Suitable for: 5 and over

    You’ve all played the ‘guess-how-many-sweets-in-the-jar’ game and with Halloween calling for sweets, this one’s a great activity that ticks all the boxes. Have each child write down their number on a sheet and the kid closest to the correct answer gets to take the whole jar home with them!

    24. Wink Murder Zombies

    Halloween games for kids: wink murder

    Suitable for: 6-10 year olds

    One child is the detective and leaves the room, while the others sit in a circle and close their eyes. You select one child to be the zombie. The detective comes back in and the zombie starts winking – when a child is winked at, they become a zombie. Get them to wander around in a zombie-like state until the detective works out who the original zombie is and the game starts again. Get ready for some very over-the-top performances!

    25. Halloween Charades

    Suitable for: 6 and over

    Halloween charades

    Credit: Ebay

    This creative Halloween Charades set does the work for you – so you don’t have to. Split the party up into teams, set a timer and have the kids mime a classic Halloween movie, character or other topical themed thing to team members. The group that correctly guesses the most charades in the minute wins.

    VIEW AT EBAY | £3.99

    26. Scary Face Painting

    Halloween games for kids: face painting

    Suitable for: 3-9 year olds

    Buy some cheap face paints, take a look at our spooky Halloween face paint ideas and follow the step-by-step tutorials to create creepy faces like this vampire face paint.

    27. Halloween I Spy

    Suitable for: 3 and over

    A girl in a costume looking through a cardboard telescope

    Credit: Getty

    There’s no need to explain this old favourite! Task your child to spot Halloween themed objects around the house. Or similarly you could play this kid’s game in the car, driving past the decorated houses for inspiration.

    28. Duck, Duck, Ghost

    Halloween games for kids: duck duck ghost

    Suitable for: 3 and over

    Play this spooky spin on an old classic in exactly the same way you would Duck, Duck, Goose. Have all the children sit in a circle as ducks. Have one child as the ghost and they go around the circle tapping each child’s head saying, ‘duck, duck, ghost.’ When they say ghost the child who their hand lands on must get up and chase the ghost around the circle and back into their empty spot. If the ghost gets to the space first and sits down then the child without a place becomes the new ghost. Continue in this way until they’re all tired out!

    29. Halloween Scattergories

    Halloween games for kids - Scattergories sheet

    Credit: Etsy

    Suitable for: 6 and over

    Fans of the original board game will be happy to know there’s a Halloween version available. This gem from Etsy comes up with the categories for you. But if you’d rather save some pennies, draw up a list of your own, before handing round to the kids to play.

    VIEW AT ETSY | £2.72

    30. Halloween Crazy conveyors

    Suitable for: 8 and over

    This is certainly one of the most impressive Halloween games for kids – with this memory game available to download and play from your computer. The conveyor belt will show your little rascals Halloween objects like a haunted house, a brain or witch figure. And their task is to memorise them for a minute and repeat them back when the video disappears. A unique Halloween activity to try – pay for the game on Etsy, download the digital pack and your ready to go!

    VIEW AT ETSY | £2.70