How to make a cactus cushion

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  • Children love to be occupied, especially in the holidays, so why not get them involved in making this hugely comfy cactus cushion?

    You can never have too many cushions on your bed! It’s not just comfy though, it’s bright green colour luminates a bedroom while the cactus shape gives a touch of the Wild West. This cactus cushion will definitely set the scene and maybe even lead to a game of Cowboys and Indians. The kids will love the new look of their bedrooms.

    It takes 30 minutes to make so it’s a speedy craft – not bad timing at all seeing as you get a snazzy new cushion once you’re finished. Adults should definitely take control or supervise during the sewing process, reducing the risk of an injury. The design may look complex but don’t worry because we have our very own cactus template – this can be found on our website ( so just print this off and trace onto felt.

    You will need:

    • Cactus template D (
    • Green felt
    • Pen
    • Scissors
    • Yellow tapestry wool and needle
    • Sewing machine
    • Polyester stuffing
    • Needle and cotton thread Step 1

    Step 1

    Print off your cactus template, then on a photocopier, enlarge the print to your desired size and cut out. Place it on top of a double-up length of green felt and draw around with a pen. Cut out two cacti pieces and set one piece aside.

    Step 2

    Using a tapestry needle and yellow wool, sew a line of running stitches along the length of each ‘arm’ of the felt cactus piece.

    Step 3

    Pin th cacti pieces together and sew around the edges, leaving an opening at the bottom. Fill with polyester stuffing, then neatly stitch up the opening.