How to make Easter wreaths: DIY Easter wreath ideas

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  • Our step-by-step guides on how to make Easter wreaths show you how to make a DIY wreath for spring with few Easter craft essentials, things you already have around your home or even fresh flowers and foliage picked from your own garden.

    Wreaths shouldn’t just be saved for the festive season. They make pretty decorations at any time of the year and these DIY Easter wreaths make lovely decorations for your wall or door, or you could give one as a thoughtful Easter gift.

    If you’re looking for ideas to entertain the kids during the holidays, why not let them help you make Easter wreaths? How sweet would one look hung on each child’s bedroom door? A fun Easter activity, they’ll love having their own project to work on. And, if you’re lucky, it might even keep them out of trouble for half an hour.

    How to make Easter wreaths with real flowers

    Get green-fingered this Easter and learn how to make a wreath from the spring florals blooming in your back garden. The only thing you need is a rattan wreath to act as a base, then the rest you can forage from all around you.

    This is a great project to get the whole family involved in. Kids will love finding and foraging for different plants and flowers for the wreath. If you can’t get hold of any blooms, how about making paper flowers using our guide instead?

    To make an Easter wreath with real flowers you will need:

    • Rattan wreath
    • Garden shears or flower scissors
    • Green foliage
    • Spring florals – we used Narcissus, Camellias and some flowering shrubs all from the garden
    • 50cm ribbon

    How to make an Easter wreath from flowers:

    What you need to make an Easter wreath from flowers

    Credit: Esme Clemo/GoodToKnow

    1. Begin by trimming down your foliage and flower clippings. The stems and branches should be no longer than 12cm. Strip off the foliage at the very end of the stems and branches. Starting with the green and leafy foliage, weave the branches into the rattan wreath. Focus the foliage in one third of the wreath, making sure to leave room in the middle of the leaves for the bigger blooms.

    Making an Easter wreath with foliage

    Credit: Esme Clemo/GoodToKnow

    2. Add the flowering shrub cuttings to add some depth to the Easter wreath arrangement. Dot the blossom amongst the leaves in a random pattern.

    Add some flowering shrubs to the easter wreath

    Credit: Esme Clemo/GoodToKnow

    3. Take one big blousy bloom in a bright colourful shade, in our case a pink flower from a Camellia, and position it in the centre of the foliage arrangement.

    Add a camellia flower to the Easter wreath

    Credit: Esme Clemo/GoodToKnow

    4. For that extra Easter addition, some daffodils or Narcissus woven into the wreath design makes the perfect finishing touch.

    Add some narcissus to your Easter wreath

    Credit: Esme Clemo/GoodToKnow

    5. Take your ribbon and loop it around the top of the wreath, ready for hanging. Alternatively, simply tie into a bow and display the wreath propped up on a shelf or mantelpiece.

    How to make Easter wreaths from egg boxes

    An easter wreath made from egg boxes

    Credit: Suzie Attaway

    To make this DIY Easter wreath you will need:

    • Egg boxes
    • Scissors
    • Acrylic paints
    • Paint brush
    • Glue
    • Small pom poms
    • Green felt
    • Embroidery hoop
    • Hot melt glue gun
    • Wool or ribbon
    1. Cut out 10 egg sections from the egg boxes with scissors to make the flowers.
    2. Take five of the egg box pieces and neaten round the edges with scissors. Then snip around the edges and flatten slightly, creating flower shapes. Paint with acrylic paints and leave to dry.
    3. Cut out the bottoms of the other five egg box pieces, and paint with acrylic paint. Leave to dry.
    4. Stick the smaller flower pieces inside the larger ones, and glue a small pom pom in the middle to create 3D shapes. It’s nice to make them in a few different colours for contrast if you fancy it.
    5. Cut out some green felt leaf shapes with some sharp scissors, and glue them to the bottom section of the embroidery hoop. Leave to dry again.
    6. Once your leaves have stuck securely you can decorate with your cardboard flowers. Using a hot melt glue gun, carefully stick the egg box flowers on to the leaves. Leave to dry a final time, before hanging up with wool or ribbon.