How to make colourful spinning tops from picture beads

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  • Ever wonder how to repurpose those extra picture beads that have been lying around in the box forever? Well, we’ve got the answer in this kids’ craft.

    Gather up a handful and arrange them on a pegboard in order to make colorful spinning tops. With a dash of creativity and a little bit of heat (via an iron), you will have your creations spinning in no time.

    Suitable for children ages seven to nine years old, this kid-friendly craft is not only fairly simple but makes for great entertainment once the making is over, too. Clear a tabletop for some fun competition, or give out these little spinners as party favours at your child’s next birthday bash. Your wallet will thank you for it later.

    You will need

    • Picture Beads
    • Hexagon and round pegboards
    • Greaseproof paper
    • Iron
    • Small pencils

    Step 1

    Use colourful beads to make a pattern on the round or hexagonal pegboard, leaving the middle peg free. Let little ones go wild with this step, having them create whatever patterns they fancy. Stripey, spotty and triangular patterns always look good.

    Step 2

    When your child is happy with the design, place a piece of greaseproof paper over the beads and help them to iron it on a hot setting. Move the iron gently from side to side in a slow, smooth movement until the beads begin to fuse. This may take a little while, but you’ll be able to see when the beads have started to melt together through the greasproof.

    Step 3

    Once the beads have fused, carefully remove the paper and beads from the pegboard. While still warm, push a small pencil through the hole in the middle of the beads, then allow to cool completely. The beads should then strick firmly round the pencil and you’ll have the perfect spinning top!

    Craft: by Suzie Attaway