Toys R Us returns to high street after six years - with 30 new locations, but it won't quite look as you remember (here's what we know so far)

The first 'toy supermarket' is set to return, thanks to partnership with another high street icon

Toys R Us store front before the retailer went into administration
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It's been six years since Toys R Us fell into administration, but it's returning to a high street near you this summer, thanks to another high street stalwart.

With its wall-to-wall toys and one of the catchiest jingles ever (bonus points for anyone who can remember the lyrics), Toys R Us was a high street staple in the 90s and noughties, known as the place to get toys for all age groups, from stacking and nesting toys for babies to interactive pets or dinosaur toys for older children. This retailer was such an icon, that we bet any millennial parent can remember a trip to Toys R Us to buy one of these classic toys, during their childhood. Its first UK store opened in 1985, and was lauded at the first toy supermarket, but by 2017, its US parent company filed for bankruptcy and by 2018, the 100 UK stores were closed.

But Toys R Us is back, in partnership with WHSmith. The collaboration was first announced in 2022, when WHSmiths bought the rights to relaunch the Toys R Us website. Nine in-store concessions were also trialled in WHSmith stores in: Canterbury, Chelmsford, Cheltenham, Cwmbran, Oxford, Poole, Reading, Solihull and York.

  • Canterbury, Kent
  • Chelmsford, Essex
  • Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • Cwmbran, Monmouthshire
  • Oxford
  • Poole, Dorset
  • Reading, Berkshire
  • Solihull, West Midlands
  • York.

Toys R Us' packed shelves were iconic for the first 'toy supermarket'

Toys R Us' packed shelves were iconic for the first 'toy supermarket'

(Image credit: Alamy)

And now the concessions are set to be expanded into more WHSmith stores, with another 30 planned to open by the end of August 2024. The locations have not yet been confirmed, but they will follow suit of the existing concessions. Shoppers will be able to browse a curated range of products, including favourites like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Peppa Pig and more. The products will be refreshed and updated throughout the seasons, and customers will be able to view the full range on the website. In addition to the focused selection of toys, the concessions will also have interactive experiences and demonstration tables which will delight little shoppers.

To find out if you have a concession near you, you can use the store finder tool on the Toys R Us website. If you haven't yet seen the relaunched website, you'll find all of the top toy brands, from Crayola and Squishmallows to Baby Annabelle and Pokemon. The website also has some exclusive toys from Plus-Plus, as well as a whole selection of downloadable activities featuring iconic Toys R Us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe.

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