A Christmas tree you can eat! 18 fun edible Christmas decorations

Why have normal decorations when you can have ones you can eat? These fun ideas look good - and taste it too! We decided to decorate an entire tree with decorations made from food and the results were as predicted - it was the most delicious-looking tree we've ever seen!

Why have normal decorations when you can have ones you can eat? These fun ideas look good - and taste it too!

We decided to decorate an entire tree with decorations made from food (after getting the tree at our local Christmas tree farm, or of course, or renting a tree!) and the results were as predicted - it was the most delicious-looking tree we've ever seen!

Stained glass biscuit

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The most important decision when decorating a tree is what will sit at the top. We couldn't just have any old biscuit - it had to be that little bit special. We took the concept of a stained glass biscuit and fused 4 together to make a beautiful topper. When the fairy lights shine through the 'glass' sections, it's hard not to feel all warm and Christmassy.

Sweetie baubles

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Normal Christmas baubles are nice and everything but can you eat them? No, you can't! These cute little decorations are have a chewy Rice Krispie centre and are coated with white chocolate. You can decorate with any sweets of your choosing.

Popcorn and cranberry tinsel

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Be honest, do you really like all that tinsel round your tree? Wouldn't you rather a tasty string of popcorn? These threaded popcorn and cranberry strings are so easy to make - you just have to decide how long to make them!

Meringue rings

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If you want a slightly classier finish to your tree, these elegant meringue rings are for you. Simply whip up some egg whites and sugar, pipe, bake and thread with a pretty bow. Warning: meringue is very delicate so be careful when threading the bows (we may have lost one or two rings along the way!)

Hanging cones

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This fun idea is so easy - and there are so many different versions you can make. Thick, quality cones can be carefully pierced and threaded with ribbon to turn them into cute (and edible) hanging baskets. We chose to fill ours with marshmallows, sweets and chocolate coins but you could try baking cupcakes into them if you want a challenge.

Edible presents

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A present you can eat? Yes, please! The only thing you can't eat on these little bundles is the ribbon - but you could always replace that with some strawberry laces so you can eat the lot!

Candy cane sleighs

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There's nothing quite as festive as a candy cane - and there's lots of clever things you can do with them. Popping a Rice Krispie square on top of them is an easy way to turn them into a fun sleigh.

Glitter cherries

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It's not always about making something, sometimes you just need to give a piece of a food a little festive sparkle. These glittery cherries would be nice scattered across your Christmas table too.

Chocolate candy hearts

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Christmas is all about love, right? So these delicious chocolate candy hearts are a must have for your Christmas tree. Romantic and tasty - they tick all the right boxes!

Marshmallow tinsel

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Chunky marshmallows, melted chocolate and a little but of sparkle - what's not to like about these fun strips of marshmallow tinsel?

Choco-mallow rudolph

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Hello there Rudolph, what are you doing hanging around our tree?! These funny little faces are actually very easy to recreate and you only need 5 ingredients - check out our recipe to see what they are.

 Stocking biscuits

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Personalise these lovely stocking biscuits with your family's name and hang in a line on your tree. A candy cane makes a fun, edible alternative to a ribbon - you just need to stick it on with a bit of chocolate!

Candied orange peel

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Little presentation bags and a bit of ribbon can turn any food into a decoration. We opted for candied orange - the sugary, festive flavours are very Christmassy.

Cracker cottages

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A few crackers, a little bit of icing and a steady hand are all you need to make these adorable cottages. You could hide chocolates or mini presents inside as an extra treat.

Sticky popcorn and cranberry balls

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Melt some marshmallow, grab a handful of popcorn, a handful of cranberries and prepare to get messy. The marshmallow is a great bonding agent so all you need is a little string to attach them to the tree.

Savoury Christmas wreaths

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Our tree was looking a little bit sweet (not that we were complaining!) so we thought we were in need of something savoury. These cheesy pastry wreaths are so simple to make and they have a lovely festive glow to them.

Chocolate advent tinsel

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Chocolate advent calendars are one of our favourite traditions! You can transfer the principle to your tree and make these fun chocolate number strings. You can wrap the chocolates in festive foils so they last a little longer - or only hang the chocolates for the next few days at a time.

Snowman cake balls

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You've heard of cake pops - how about cakes on a string? These cake ball snowmen are threaded together so they can form a cute tinsel around the tree.

The finished tree!!!

The one downside about edible decorations is that they will not last as long as regular ones. Once on the tree, the decorations should last a couple of days so it's best to only put them up a few days before you want to show them off.

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