Eurovision party recipes

Planning on inviting friends around to watch the Eurovision? See our party food recipes for nibbles you won't spill, from Greek pittas to Black Russian cocktails and tapas.

Eurovision party recipes
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Planning on inviting friends around to watch the Eurovision? (opens in new tab) See our party food recipes for nibbles you won't spill, from Greek pittas to Black Russian cocktails and tapas.

Eurovision recipes are just the ticket if you’re a big fan of the singing contest that graces our screens each year. If you're planning on throwing a Eurovision party this year then you've come to the right place. We've rounded up some of the top European recipes - from Spanish treats to some German nibbles, there are plenty of traditional dishes to choose from.

Everyone loves an excuse to get the whole family together and what better time than the Eurovision Song Contest. You can have the TV on in the background whilst your friends and family help themselves to your homemade internationally-inspired buffet.

Our Eurovision party recipes cover tapas starters and fancy alcoholic beverages too, for adults only. There's a few tasty treats in there for the kids to eat as well though - they'll love trying all the new and exciting foods the countries of Europe have to offer.

From Spain we’ve plumped for a gorgeous, chunky tortilla filled with the flavours of sweet peppers, smoky paprika and fragrant herbs. When it comes to Greece we’ve gone for little lamb kebabs and pitta breads, to give an authentive flavour of those sunny isles. And we couldn’t do a Eurovision recipes round up without a good old fashioned black forest gateau. This delicious cake originates from Germany, but we’ve pinched the recipe from Brit and celeb chef Gordon Ramsay.

Once you’ve chosen your favourites from our round up you can get going on prepping and planning. We like to do as much as possible before the big day so we get plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Eurovisions as well.

Ready? Click through our Eurovision party recipes and get planning...

First on the list are these easy Greek salad pittas. Let your guests help themselves to this Greek feast - plenty of pittas and fresh veggies go a long way with this recipe.

Get the recipe: Greek salad pittas

Smoky spiced chorizo with peppers

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Spice up the night with this simple Spanish tapas dish of chorizo and peppers. Let your guests help themselves and watch these tasty nibbles disappear.

Get the recipe: Smoky spiced chorizo with peppers

Lamb pittas

Eurovision party recipes

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These Greek lamb pittas are not only cheap, but really quick and tasty. Perfect party food leaving your family and friends to help themselves.

Get the recipe: Lamb pittas

Camembert or Brie bake

Eurovision party recipes

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You may have seen baked French Camembert or Brie cheese in a restaurant but it's really easy to make at home and is a great way to impress your friends! Serve with warm slices of pitta bread or fresh veggies like celery or carrot.

Get the recipe: Camembert or Brie bake

Calamari with chorizo

Eurovision party recipes

Your friends and family are going to love helping themselves to these tasty, tomato and chilli calamari. The Spanish-style dish is full of flavour thanks to the spicy chorizo.

Get the recipe: Calamari with chorizo

Pork schnitzel bites

Eurovision party recipes

Serve this quick (takes just 20 mins) traditional German treat with chips and salad. This recipe is delicious, tender and full of flavour - don't miss out!

Get the recipe: Pork schnitzel bites

Haloumi with a chilli kick

Eurovision party recipes

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Haloumi is a cheese from Cyprus that is delicious on the BBQ or grilled. This recipe with a kick of lemon and chilli takes only 10 mins!

Get the recipe: Haloumi with a chilli kick

Spanish-style tortilla

Eurovision party recipes

This chunky omelette is a quick way to make a fun Spanish treat. Chunks of pepper and paprika bring a sunny flavour to your eggs. Cut this tortilla into thick slices and serve alongside a serving knife.

Get the recipe: Spanish-style tortilla

Rachel Khoo's creme brulee

Eurovision party recipes

Impress your friends and family with this creamy classic French dessert - it will not disappoint!

Get the recipe: Rachel Khoo's creme brulee

Italian stuffed peppers

Eurovision party recipes

These stuffed peppers are so easy to make and are packed full of rich tomato and a creamy cheese topping - classic Italy in one bite!

Get the recipe: Italian stuffed peppers

The Nordic diet beetroot burgers

Eurovision party recipes

(Image credit: Quadrille / Photograph by Lars Ranek)

If you're watching your figure but don't want to miss out on the party treats, make these Nordic burgers with beetroot - delicious and healthy all-in-one!

Get the recipe: Nordic diet beetroot burgers

Irish cream chocolate pots

Irish cream chocolate pots

This chocolaty dessert is packed with Irish cream, double cream and milk chocolate. It's the perfect treat for the whole family and serving them in little pots makes them ideal for parties.

Get the recipe: Irish cream chocolate pots

Gordon Ramsay's Black Forest cake

Eurovision party recipes

Every party needs a show stopper and this is it! Layer upon layer of cream, berries and chocolate, this mouth-watering German dessert should be top of the list!

Get the recipe: Gordon Ramsay's Black Forest cake

Very berry Pimms

Very berry pimms

This drink is very British and perfect for parties. Serve in tall glasses with colourful straws and umbrellas - it'll feel like summer has already arrived.

Get the recipe: Very berry Pimms

Black Russian

Eurovision party recipes

Get the party started with this vodka-based cocktail which is super simple to make - and you can also add milk or cream to make it a White Russian.

Get the recipe: Black Russian