Aldi introduces new Easter egg characters - and they're less than half the price of M&S

aldi unicorn dinosaur easter eggs
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Easter is well on its way.

And despite the fact that we’re only in the middle of the spring half term holidays and we haven’t even got to Pancake Day yet, we’re already being overwhelmed by the supermarkets’ Easter egg aisles.

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Tesco is selling half price Easter eggs, Waitrose has added to their range of avocado Easter treats, Cadbury Mini Eggs are next to all the tills and the white Crème Egg hunt is well under way.

And now one of our favourite supermarkets has added to the Easter frenzy with their newest festive release - and they'll save you a few pennies too.

From the same store that brought us iconic Christmas character Kevin the Carrot, we’ve now been introduced to, not one, but two new Easter characters. And there are no chicks or bunnies in sight.

Budget supermarket Aldi has added Danny the Dinosaur and Sparkle the Unicorn to their Easter line-up.

aldi unicorn dinosaur easter eggs

Credit: Aldi

And the playful Easter mascots come in more than one form.

The cute characters come as hollow chocolate characters with Sparkle the Unicorn made from white chocolate and Danny the Dinosaur made from milk chocolate.

Sparkle the Unicorn’s body is light pink accompanied by a white mane of hair and a dark pink horn and tail.

aldi unicorn dinosaur easter eggs

Credit: Aldi

And Danny the Dinosaur has scales carved into him with a green spine running down his back.

You can get both chocolate animals in stores across the country for only £2.49 each.

That's less than half the price of Marks & Spencer's similar Spiketail the Dinosaur, which costs a whopping £6.

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Or if you’re looking for something a little smaller you can get 35g Easter lollies of each icon for only 85p each.

aldi unicorn dinosaur easter eggs

Credit: Aldi

But if you want the Easter to fun to last way past its April Sunday, you can splash out on Sparkle the Unicorn and Danny the Dinosaur plush toys.

aldi unicorn dinosaur easter eggs

Credit: Aldi

Both of the adorable cuddly toys come complete with a hollow milk chocolate egg and are available for only £4.99 each in Aldi stores across the country.

Because chicks and bunnies are so last year.

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