Save £65 on Le Creuset's signature cast-iron casserole dish this Amazon Prime Day

Here are the best value Amazon Prime Day deals for the Le Creuset cookware range including their signature cast-iron casserole dish...

Best value Amazon Prime Day Le Creuset deal 2022
Best Amazon Prime Day Le Creuset deals including this classic cast-iron casserole dish...
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Save a massive 30% off French cookware Le Creuset's signature cast-iron casserole dish with this generous Amazon Prime Day deal.

If you're looking to add to your cookware range, what better brand than Le Creuset. Le Creuset is one of the most popular brands of cast iron kitchenware - from classic casserole dishes to sturdy grill pans. 

Established in 1925, this premium French cookware manufacturer produces high-quality products and boasts an impressive global reputation amongst both professional and home chefs, which is why they tend to be on the pricier side - making them a popular choice on deal days such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This year, for Amazon Prime Day, the best value deal includes a generous £65 off Le Creuset's signature cast-iron red casserole dish (opens in new tab), but it's not the only Le Creuset deal worth taking a look at. Other deals include a massive £81 off Le Creuset stainless steel casserole dish (opens in new tab), a generous 30% off Le Creuset shallow casserole dish (opens in new tab), and £127 off Le Creuset 2 piece set (opens in new tab) with a casserole dish and grill.

You'll have to be quick as Amazon Prime Day ends (opens in new tab) soon - running from Tuesday, July 12th, and Wednesday 13th, 2022. And, to take advantage of all the deals available you have to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership; Sign up for a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial here (opens in new tab)

So why not treat yourself to one of these deals...

Best Amazon Prime Day Le Creuset deals 2022

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Best value

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish With Lid - Cerise red - WAS £215, NOW £149.99 (opens in new tab)

Get £65.01 off this classic Le Creuset casserole dish. This 20cm dish is available in Volcanic Orange and Cerise red. Rated an average of 4.8 stars by Amazon customers. Free delivery is available.

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Le Creuset 962028300 3-Ply Stainless Steel Shallow Casserole with Lid - WAS £205, NOW £123.80 (opens in new tab)

A sturdy 30 x 7.5 cm silver casserole dish suitable for ovens, grills, and all hob types (including induction). Dishwasher safe. Rated an average of 4.7 stars by Amazon shoppers. Free delivery is available.

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Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish With Lid - WAS £270, NOW £188.99 (opens in new tab)

Get 30% off this traditional cast-iron casserole dish from Le Creuset. This Cerise red dish is 30cm round and is an ideal one-pot cooker for 4-6 people. Suitable for ovens, grills, and all hob types. Rated an average of 4.8 stars by Amazon customers. 

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Le Creuset Cast Iron 2 piece set - WAS £334, NOW £206.99 (opens in new tab)

Save a whopping £127.01 with this deal for a traditional cast-iron casserole dish as well as an enamel 30cm cast-iron grill. Both are easy to use and easy to clean. Rated 5 stars by Amazon shoppers. 

Are Le Creuset dishes worth the money?

Buying a Le Creuset product is worth the money and is considered a well-worth investment that will last years and years. 

According to Le Creuset, each product is inspected by 15 different people before it's given the sign-off to be sold. And if there are any imperfections - it'll be melted back down and the iron reused to make other products.

The majority of Le Creuset production still features human intervention and craftsmanship, which a lot of Le Creuset fans love about the brand. Which no less adds to the expense. Plus it sticks to some of the same methods it started with back in 1925, meaning each piece is truly unique.

Le Creuset adds; "Le Creuset have been making world-class cookware for almost 100 years. Used by leading chefs and keen cooks around the globe, Le Creuset cookware offers outstanding performance time after time. As we believe in giving you uncompromising quality, our product ranges come with the following guarantees."

What can you cook in a Le Creuset dish?

Typically you associate Le Creuset casserole dishes with making a casserole or stew, however, this cast iron enamel cookware can be used for a range of different cooking techniques such as baking bread, braising meat, or even deep-frying. 

And cast iron cookware is not all that Le Creuset produces. This popular brand has a range of pie dishes, kettles, saucepans, cutlery, mixing bowls, and more. Not forgetting their high-quality, stainless steel collection.

By far one of our favourite things about Le Creuset is that the enamel cast-iron range can be bought in a variety of different colours - 100 colours to be precise - depending on where you live as Le Creuset is bought all around the globe.

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Is Le Creuset dishwasher safe?

If you're wondering how to clean Le Creuset cookware you'll be glad to know that majority of this range is dishwasher safe. Not only it is dishwasher safe but can be used in the oven, and microwave as well as fridge and freezer. 

According to the Le Creuset care and use guide; "Each piece from our extensive range of high-quality cookware is designed for versatility and ease of use."

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