Best Halloween food for 2020: M&S, Iceland, Tesco and more

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  • Our selection of the best Halloween supermarket food for a frightfully fun feast at home the kids (and adults) with love!

    When it comes to Halloween recipes, we’ve got lots of Halloween party food ideas you should try. we have a recipe for your every need, from spooky snacks and sweet treats to gruesome-looking but delicious tasting dinner ideas. And for those conscious of food waste, we’ve got ideas on how to use up leftover Halloween pumpkin.

    Our Halloween lasagne and Bloody Mary soup are simple recipes yet so effective, however, we understand if you need some time-saving alternatives. Thankfully several supermarkets have some great options this year that won’t break the bank either. So with questions over whether kids can go trick or treating for Halloween 2020, it’s important to have some tasty treats in-store for the weekend.

    Take a look below at some of the supermarket’s eerie offerings and let us know which ones you’re adding to your shopping list over on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

    M&S Halloween food 2020:

    There’s something for everyone in the Marks and Spencer Halloween range. We’re especially intrigued by the vegan jelly! It’s certainly a centrepiece the children will remember… If you’d like to serve a special Halloween dinner there’s plenty of savoury options too. From a Mummy Meatloaf to an eyeball pizza, you’re in for an evening of fun and laughter!

    Petrifying Popping Candy Brain, 635g, £4.50

    halloween supermarket food

    Made using an apple flavoured jelly that’s shaped like a gruesome brain. Drizzle over the raspberry sauce and sprinkle with popping candy for a real spectacle. It’s available in-store from 26 October.


    Yummy Mummy Yumnuts, £1.35

    halloween supermarket food

    M&S have given their famous bakery treat a Halloween make-over. It’s the same delicious taste with white fondant ‘bandages’ and some spooky edible eyes. In store from 7 October.

    Pumpkin-shaped bloomer, £2

    halloween supermarket food

    Almost too cute, this bloomer is made using British flour and has a malted semolina topping to give it a delicious crunch. Try it toasted for a scarily good start to the day! In store from 7 October.

    Sticky Toffee Cookie, 85p

    halloween supermarket food

    Whether you’re at your desk or on the sofa, these cookies are perfect with a cup of tea. They are studded with dark chocolate and caramel and toffee pieces. In store from 7 October.

    Franken-Colin the Caterpillar, £10

    halloween supermarket food

    Colin has been given a gruesome twist! It’s the same signature chocolatey sponge roll with rich buttercream and coated in milk chocolate just with some spooky white chocolate decorations. In store from 14 October. Colin’s Easter makeover left M&S fans divided, what are your thoughts on his spooky wardrobe?


    Dracula’s Blood Fruity Drink, £1.50

    halloween supermarket food

    A delicious blend of apple, strawberry and raspberry juice with no added sugar, everyone will enjoy a glass of this fun crimson drink. Available now.


    Halloween burgers, 302g 2-pack, £4 (Available on 3 for £10 deal)

    halloween supermarket food

    It might not be BBQ weather any more but if you’re feeling brave you could try your luck with these burgers. They can also be cooked under the grill. They are made with British beef and are hiding a molten cheddar cheese centre. The scary face is made using a blend of blackened of salt, pepper and dried herb seasoning. In store from 26 October.

    Mummy Meatloaf 450g, £4.50 (Available on 3 for £10 deal)

    halloween supermarket food

    Back for 2020, this meatloaf mummy is made using a mix of mince beef with mature cheddar and smoked bacon. All wrapped in flaky butter enriched puff pastry. There’s nothing scary-sounding about that! In store from 26 October.


    Eerie Eyeball Margarita Pizza, 500g, £4 (Available on 3 for £10 deal)

    Something for the vegetarians too, this stonebaked Margarita pizza is topped with lots of cheese and flecked with gory red pepper veins and tomatoes. Check out our spooky Halloween pizza if you’d like a homemade ghost-themed finish instead. In store from 26 October.


    Iceland Halloween food 2020:

    With some pretty frightening sweet and savoury options available this year, Iceland are helping shoppers pull out all the stops for the scariest night of the year. From the Belgian chocolate smashing skull to the jalapeno roulette wheel, what will you be brave enough to try?

    Scarily Sweet Spiders Cheesecake, 1.1kg, £4.00

    Scarily Sweet Spiders Cheesecake, best halloween supermarket food

    We love the simple yet effective design of this strawberry cheesecake. It’s a big dessert and serves around 12 but we’re sure it won’t be around for long.

    Buy now from Iceland

    Cosmic Cones, 4-pack, £1.75

    iceland_4_cosmic_cones_292g_81283, best halloween supermarket food

    These limited-edition cones have a dramatic design with black cone and swirled ice-cream. If you’re brave enough to eat ice cream when it’s freezing outside you may as well match it to the occasion!

    Buy now from Iceland 

    Scarily Sweet White Chocolate Brain, £5.00

    Iceland_Scarily Sweet White Chocolate Brain_Packshot, best halloween supermarket food

    In-store from 26 October this striking white chocolate encased ‘brain’ has a crumbly base and a gory looking fruit sauce!

    Buy now from Iceland

    Jalapeno Roulette Wheel (£3.00)

    iceland_12_jalapeno_roulette_wheel_288g_69482_4, best halloween supermarket food

    Want to know who can really handle the heat? Serve up these spicy cheese bites, and it will soon become clear! Will you successfully dodge the spiciest of the selection? In store from 26 October.

    Buy now from Iceland 

    Belgian Chocolate Smashing Gold Skull (£5.00)

    Iceland Scarily Sweet Belgian Chocolate Smashing Gold Skull_Packshot, best halloween supermarket food

    We’re certain kids and adults will enjoy burning off some steam and cracking into this Belgian chocolate skull. Lands in store with the rest of the collection on 26 October.

    Buy now from Iceland 

    Co op Halloween food 2020:

    Trick or treating might be off the cards for 2020 but if you’re planning you’re own sweet trail at home Co op have some frightfully good options. We’re obsessed with the brand-new sour spiders and are pleased the Exploding Monster Brains have made a come-back!

    Co-op Scarily Sour Spiders, 140g, £1

    halloween supermarket food

    Get ready to pull some seriously scary faces! These jelly sweets come in a variety of sour fruity flavours. Will you be able to handle the tang?!

    Co-op Exploding Monster Brains, 140g, £1

    halloween supermarket food

    Gruesome looking but oh so moreish, these sweets are back due to popular demand and will leave you wanting more after each bite. You could use them to decorate some Halloween bakes for a special, spooky finish.

    Co-op Strawberry Mummy Eyeballs, 140g, £1

    Inside these gooey eyeball shaped treats is a sweet strawberry filling. Stock up if you don’t want to share, they’re sure to disappear quickly!

    Co-op Share If You Dare Cupcake Platter, 12-pack, £6

    This mix of vanilla and chocolate sponge cupcakes make a nice colourful addition to a Halloween table spread.

    If you’d like to try your hand at making your own. Use our basic cupcake recipe and experiment on the decoration or check out our Halloween cupcake recipes for some inspiration.

    Asda Halloween food 2020:

    With Asda you can celebrate Halloween at breakfast with their cute Ghost Crumpets and we love the look of Clyde the Caterpillar’s wicked cousin Ogle!

    Ogle the Cyclopillar, £6

    halloween supermarket food

    The newest addition to Asda’s horrifying holiday foods, Ogle the Cyclopillar is Clyde’s wicked cousin! Have a slice if you dare… Ogle is made from a chocolate sponge with a chocolate frosting filling with fun edible decorations too. It’s in store from 8 October and is a cheaper alternative to M&S’s Colin.

    Ghost Crumpets, 6-pack, £1

    halloween supermarket food

    Back for another year to ensure you can bring the spook-factor to breakfast time. These ghost crumpets are delicious toasted and coated in butter and jam. What’s your favourite topping? They’re available to buy now online and instore.

    Chocolate orange filled cookie, £1.50

    halloween supermarket food

    Made with an orange-flavoured dough, chocolate chips and an indulgent chocolate filling, these cookies are naughty and nice! Available from 15 October.

    All Hallows Mallows, £2

    halloween supermarket food

    The colder nights are the perfect excuse for a hot chocolate and thanks to these skull and monster mallows, you can put a spooky twist on your favourite hot beverage. In store now.

    Tesco Halloween food 2020:

    From iced ginger biscuits to weird but wonderful doughnuts, Tesco has a delightful range of treats on offer for those looking to celebrate the spookiest night of the year.

    Tesco Spooky Mini Muffins, 12-pack, £1.50

    halloween supermarket food

    These chocolate and orange treats make a perfect little afternoon snack. The mini size means you can eat twice as many… Right? In store from 5 October.

    Halloween Iced Ring Doughnnuts, 4-pack, £1.20/12-pack, £3

    halloween supermarket food

    Sweet, fluffy ring doughnuts topped with orange icing and scattered with an array of spooky sprinkles. In store from 5 October.

    Halloween Gingerbread Biscuit, 60p

    halloween supermarket food

    Spooky in design and almost too cute to eat, these oven-baked ginger biscuits come in two designs and are available from 5 October.

    How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share? Head over to our Facebook page to have your say.

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