The nation’s favourite pies have been revealed just in time for British Pie Week

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Whether they’re sweet or savoury, it’s clear that British people love the humble pie. But which one is our favourite?

To celebrate British Pie Week (2nd March – 8th March), the nation has voted on their all-time favourite pies. It’s a hard choice, we know.

Delivery company Uber Eats collected data on the UK’s pie preferences, and it turns out that Brits prefer savoury pies to sweet ones.

That might not be too surprising, as Brits love chowing down on pie and chips whether it’s at home, in the pub or from the chippy.

We can’t get enough of those savoury fillings and the results prove that.

British Pie Week

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64 per cent of orders opted for savoury fillings, and Uber Eats revealed that Chicken and Mushroom was the most ordered one.

Second place went to Steak and Kidney, followed by Steak on its own, Beef and Onion, and a Shepherd’s Pie in fifth place.

So not all of our favourites are encased in a pastry crust. A creamy mashed potato topping can be just as good!

Having said that, Brits still do love a sweet pie for a snack or at the end of a meal.

British Pie Week

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The top sweet pie was apple, and after doing a breakdown of orders per city, it was revealed that apple was the most popular order overall.

Hungry households across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds all ordered apple pies above any other pie flavour.

Other popular sweet flavours were banoffee, cherry, pecan and finally chocolate pie in fifth place. Yum!

Toussaint Wattinne, General Manager of Uber Eats in the UK, said, “This week honours a classic British dish and the fantastic restaurants that prepare them.

“With more than 1,000 pie dishes across the UK, Uber Eats is here to celebrate with savoury and sweet options, all conveniently delivered to your door.”

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