Nigella Lawson sparks debate over controversial Carbonara recipe

'Your recipes are the DEATH of Italian recipes'

Nigella Lawson has sparked controversy on social media with some of her latest recipes, with some fans branding them a 'joke' and the 'death of Italian recipes (opens in new tab)'.

Nigella has built a successful career as a chef with her delicious and indulgent recipes, but some fans felt let down by a couple of her recent cooking ideas.

The chef, who will soon be returning to TV with a brand new show At My Table (opens in new tab), caused quite a stir on Facebook with her spaghetti Carbonara recipe (opens in new tab), with fans slamming her for adding double cream to the sauce, as well as nutmeg and white wine.

'Nigella you are a wonderful woman but your recipes are the DEATH of Italian recipes,literally!NO CREAM IN CARBONARA NEVER,only eggs', one said.

'Don't call yourself a chef please that is very offensive for people who spent their life in a kitchen working hard to cook to perfection, beside what would you know about Italian food? Ridiculous and pathetic you are!!', another wrote.

Others pointed out that she shouldn't have called it Carbonara, as the recipe is too different from the original version.

'This is a recipe of your's, it's not Carbonara. No wine, no cream and egg yolks only in Italian real Carbonara', one fan commented.

Not everyone was repulsed by Nigella's recipe however, with some users saying they actually prefer her version to the classic: 'I personally do not like 'real carbonara' and prefer this with cream much more. It is just more creamy and silky. Gorgeousness!!!'

Nigella also left fans unimpressed and urging her to up her game when she shared a recipe for an 'Old Fashioned Tomato Salad (opens in new tab)' on her official Facebook page.

The simple salad, which Nigella said would make a great 'summer starter', consisted of halved cherry tomatoes and homemade salad cream on top, but proved too basic for some.

Writing in the comments section, one fan said: 'I REALLY hope this is a joke!? This is a dish of cherry tomatoes cut in half, with a squirt of salad cream...get over yourself for goodness sake!!!'

'You're giving your mind a treat here. Some chopped up tomatoes with some dressing? You need to up your game love you can do much better than that and you know it', a second wrote.

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