The 'game changing' crispy potatoes air fryer hack that costs just 38p to make

Smashing spuds for under a pound!

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This air fryer hack will set you back just 38p and gives gloriously crispy potatoes in just 20 minutes. Perfect for brunches or jazzing up a mid-week meal.

As we're fast discovering in 2023, there's not much you can't cook in an air fryer. Be it the viral air fryer cinnamon doughnuts hack, quick and tasty air fryer chocolate croissants or rustling up sausage rolls in an air fryer, the kitchen gadget of the moment has been making waves online for a number of fun and easy hacks to improve your dinners.

The latest hack to have people talking? A simple recipe that gives you crispy potatoes in just 20 minutes. And the best part is that it won't break the bank, setting you back under 50p to reproduce at home.

CBT Therapist and home chef @AlexHird96 has racked up over 1.2 million views for her simple hack that gives you the roasted spuds in less than half an hour. "Oh my WOW, who knew tinned potatoes could turn out so good! P.S. finally got an air fryer and its changed my life," reads the video caption. 

Alex starts by opening a can of tinned potatoes, draining all the water out and patting the potatoes dry, before transferring to a bowl. She covers the spuds with a generous grind of salt and pepper, before covering with smoked paprika and garlic granules.

The TikTok star then sprays the bowl's contents with frylight oil, mixing the ingredients together and ensuring the potatoes are evenly covered. Then it's over to the air fryer, where Alex pops the potatoes and cooks for 20 minutes at a temperature of 190C.


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The video ends with Alex opening her airfryer drawer and revealing a tray of crispy, coated potatoes that are ready to be eaten.

Alex's followers were quick to praise the hack in the comments, with one user simply writing, "OMG so smart!". "I do mine like this - game changer!" read another comment.

Some fans offered up suggestions on what they'd serve the potatoes with after making the recipe themselves. "Some oregano, garlic and parsley then serve with sour cream GAME CHANGER," wrote one, whilst another commented: "Bit of parmigiana and [smiley face]."

The comment section also provided tips and tricks from others to make the potatoes even tastier. One TikTok user shared: "if you microwave them first for 5 mins the texture inside will be even better!". Another advised: "Try squishing them with a spoon first even crisper yum".

Growers Harvest New Potatoes In Water (567G) - 38p | Tesco

Growers Harvest New Potatoes In Water (567G) - 38p | Tesco

Pick up the same spuds Alex used to create this air fryer hack recipe.

One or two also commented how you could adapt the ingredients for different, but just as delicious crispy potatoes. "I do this with Cajun spice," wrote @kaitie96x. Meanwhile Kelly Dawson shared how she does these potatoes for her Sunday lunch. "Try the potato’s coated in an oxo cube and airfryer.. tastes like roasted potatoes! Perfect for a Sunday roast," she wrote.

Whilst any air fryer will achieve the same results, our Features Writer, Ellie Hutchings, recommends the Ninja air fryer MAX, one of the best air fryers, which she recently put to the test:

Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160 - RRP £169.99 | Ninja

Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160 - RRP £169.99 | Ninja

At 5.2L capacity, there's enough room in this gadget to feed a large family, plus there are six different cooking methods to choose from too; air fry, max crisp, bake, roast, dehydrate, and reheat, so you can make a range of meals.

Ellie says, "You can cook whole meals for several people using this air fryer - and you can even bake desserts in it too. The range of cooking modes means there are pretty much limitless options in terms of what recipes you can try, so I can see myself using the Ninja air fryer really regularly."

Read our full review of the Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160UK

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