You can now buy a hot cross bun flavour SPREAD just in time for Easter

Spread it, eat it, bake with it or spoon it straight from the jar!
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  • You can now buy a hot cross bun flavoured spread just in time for Easter and it looks incredible.

    With Easter 2021 just around the corner and hot cross bun season is upon us, you can now get a hot cross bun flavoured spread to enjoy the delicious flavour on ANYTHING.

    Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter food and are a must-have treat in the spring time.

    Now you can recreate the same great taste as the humble baked good for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack all year round (if the jar lasts you that long).

    Firebox Spreadable Hot Cross Bun
    Feel like you can’t get enough of the sweet and spicy deliciousness of hot cross buns this time of year? You need to get your hands on this stuff.

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    Firebox, the shop for the unusual, has recreated the gourmet conserve in a glorious spreadable form. Packed with honey, apple, orange, raisins, and sultanas, it’s handmade in small batches in the UK and has been added to its best-selling range of Spreadables.

    Hot Cross Bun spread

    The Spreadable Hot Cross Bun, RRP £9.99 has all the spiced, sweet, sticky, fruitiness of a real hot cross bun. Treat your toast to this gourmet glaze or go full hot-cross-bun-inception and spread it all over your Easter hot cross buns. 

    Xavier Unwin, Creative Director at Firebox, said, “Following on from the success of our popular Spreadables range, we’ve decided to expand into the festive realm of Easter with Spreadable Hot Cross Bun.

    “Many people are looking for exciting new ways to revamp their lockdown baking efforts, and we think Easter will take on a whole new dimension with this!”

    Hot cross bun spread Firebox

    Credit: Firebox

    The spread contains no allergens and is suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. It is available for delivery in the UK only, with an additional cost for postage.

    You could use the new spread to whip up some delicious recipes – such as a hot cross bun loaf or how about a filling or topping for a delicious Easter cake

    And if you’re not a fan of the fruit version, try this mini egg chocolate hot cross bun recipe

    Happy spreading, hot cross bun lovers!