Morrisons launches white chocolate flavoured milk perfect for iced coffees

A Morrisons supermarket sign on August 09, 2020 in Cardiff, Wales.
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Morrisons have launched their new white chocolate flavoured milk, perfect on its own or for coffee and milkshake lovers to transform their drinks with this summer.

Whether it's a creamy low calorie chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies or even an indulgent triple layer chocolate cake, there's always room in our lives for a cheeky chocolate surprise. After all, who doesn't love treating themselves to some Mars bar chocolate spread or fantasizing about the retro chocolate bars that need bringing back?

And as the summer months bring with them the warm weather Brits have been longing for, Morrisons have customers covered with their refreshing new chocolate release. The popular supermarket have launched a delicious new White Chocolate Flavoured Milk - and it's only £1!

This sweet and tempting treat can be found in a variety of Morrisons stores, but some eagle-eyed shoppers have already seen it available for delivery on the Morrisons website.

Credit: Morrisons
(Image credit: Morrisons)

Morrisons first announced the product launch on their Facebook page, writing, 'White chocolate Iced Coffee', before going on to explain exactly how they crafted this sweet summer drink.

'Morrisons White Chocolate Milk with coffee is an absolute game changer! Thank us later', they declared.

And if you can't wait to give this a go for yourself, then remember to add it to your cart the next time you're browsing Morrisons. The intriguing combo may only be available for a short time, so enjoy a carton or two whilst you can!

Morrisons White Chocolate Flavoured Fresh Milk

This amazing product is made from British 1% fat milk and is vegetarian-friendly, with the indulgent flavour of white chocolate. Enjoy on its own or in coffees and milkshakes for a seriously delicious drink.

If you're in the mood for a glass of handmade iced coffee featuring the Morrisons white chocolate milk, then shoppers should keep in mind that not all cartons are suitable for home freezing. Instead, the supermarket advises that customers refrigerate your cartons after each use and enjoy the fresh milk within three days after opening.

Bourbon custard creams Morrisons

Credit: Morrisons

And for anyone looking for the ultimate sweet treat to enjoy alongside a glass of moreish white chocolate milk, there's never been a better time to check out the Morrisons Bourbon and Custard Cream hybrid.

It seems the supermarket has their shoppers well and truly covered when it comes to chocolate delights as they introduced the new launch earlier this month. Featuring all the elements of both classic biscuits, shoppers can enjoy the Custard Cream filling and the rich chocolate flavour of a Bourbon.

Why not try one with a glass of Morrisons white chocolate milk this summer?

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