Morrisons sell controversial pizza topped with MINI EGGS and some shoppers are outraged

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  • Morrisons has launched a controversial pizza topped with mini eggs and some shoppers are outraged

    Morrisons has divided shoppers with its latest pizza topping after the supermarket chain launched its new Mini egg pizza.

    It comes after Morrisons launched an Easter treats box for just £22.

    Easter bank holiday 2021 is just around the corner, as while many of us have been looking to buy easter eggs online, and searched around for the must-try Easter recipes, we’ve never thought about adding mini eggs to our favourite Italian takeaway – until now. (Or maybe not ever).

    But Morrisons is giving customers the chance to take home their own mini egg pizza which has been prepared in-store, and while the tasty chocolate is scoffed by many at this time of year or made into Easter rocky road with mini egg, the flavour when added with a pizza base is leaving a bitter taste in people’s mouths.

    The new Easter stonebaked pizza costs £2.89 for 10 inches of horror or delight, depending on whether chocolate pizzas are your thing as it contains chocolate, mini eggs, and cookie dough.

    But while not everyone is eager to give the pizza a try, One person wrote, ‘We didn’t need this. Easter didn’t need this. Pizza didn’t need this. Draw the line’, a second commented, ‘Looks like something a work experience kid would make on their last day as a ‘make what you want and take it home’ type thing.’ And another added, ‘I don’t know about it lmao seems strange xx’ some chocolate lovers were happy to give it a go.

    One wrote, ‘This is what we’re having for dinner at Easter please’, another put, ‘Friday night??? Hehe’ and a third could be swayed, they added, ‘Not sure how I feel about this. Still wanna try it though!! Xx’

    Meanwhile, some were concerned to know what was on the pizza base, one Instagram user commented, ‘What is the white base’ to which their friend replied, ‘I’m hoping it’s white choc’