Most Googled celebrity chef recipes of 2015

Find out the most Googled celeb recipes of 2015, but what recipe made the list from Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver and the Hairy Bikers? You'll be surprised...

As if we didn't know already, we're a nation full of celebrity chef lovers!

In a new study of the UK's most-Googled celebrity chef recipes, the Queen of Baking herself, Mary Berry, came top with more than 12,000 people per month searching for her take on the classic Victoria sponge. Jamie Oliver was next on the list, with 9,300 people searching for Jamie Oliver's chilli con carne each month, while 8,200 people Googled his recipe for homemade pizza dough.

Find out who else made the list of the most searched for celebrity chef recipes below, in the top 20 released by cooking appliance manufacturer Stoves.

20 most searched for celebrity chef recipes 2015

1. Mary Berry's Victoria sponge (12,100 average monthly searches)

Get the recipe: Mary Berry's Victoria sponge recipe

2. Jamie Oliver's chilli con carne (9,600 average monthly searches) 3. Jamie Oliver's pizza dough (8,200 average monthly searches) 4. Mary Berry's scones (8,100 average monthly searches) 5. Paul Hollywood's bread (5,080 average monthly searches)

Get the recipe: Paul Hollywood's bread recipe

6. Jamie Oliver's pancakes (4,900 average monthly searches) 7. Hairy Bikers' sausage casserole (4,400 average monthly searches) 8. Mary Berry's fish pie (4,400 average monthly searches) 9. Paul Hollywood's scones (2,070 average monthly searches)

Get the recipe: Paul Hollywood's scone recipe

10. Gordon Ramsey's chilli (1,700 average monthly searches) 11. Hairy Bikers' curry (1,600 average monthly searches)

Get the recipe: Hairy Bikers' curry recipe

12. James Martin's toad in the hole (1,600 average monthly searches) 13. Ainsley Harriott's cous cous (1,230 average monthly searches) 14. Rick Stein's moussaka (990 average monthly searches) 15. Nigella Lawson's pancakes (980 average monthly searches) 16. Nigella Lawson's rocky road (880 average monthly searches) 17. James Martin's chicken chasseur (800 average monthly searches) 18. Delia Smith's pavlova (720 average monthly searches) 19. Lorraine Pascale's chocolate cake (590 average monthly searches)

Get the recipe: Lorraine Pascale chocolate cake recipe

20. James Martin's chicken curry (480 average monthly searches)

This research was undertaken by Stoves to celebrate the best of British cooking. Stoves is one of the only major cooking appliance manufacturers.

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