M&S launches hard seltzers with less than 80 calories per can

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  • M&S has launched Hard Seltzers in cans which are perfect for summer and come in three delicious flavours with under 80 calories per can!

    One of the best things about summer is all the new food and drinks that come with the change in weather. We all love a cold, fruity drink in the sun and now we can all meet up outside, M&S are providing us with the perfect summer tipple.

    It’s undisputed that M&S always has the most exciting drinks and food releases. From the new cherry blossom glitter globe gin, to the new variations of Percy Pigs and even Colin the Caterpillar cake jars. They always treat us to decadent treats and delicious drinks and now they’re bringing us a brand new beverage that has already taken the US by storm.

    M&S is now selling cans of Hard Seltzers, a flavoured sparkling water drink with 4.5% ABV and a low calorie content. They’re refreshing, light and the perfect summer drink for picnics and socially distanced outdoor gatherings, now allowed under the government’s lockdown roadmap

    Pssst! If you’re heading out to your favourite bar or pub this week, you can get an Aperol Spritz completely free.

    Each can of M&S Hard Seltzer has 75 calories or less and are just £1.80 each. They also come in three heavenly flavours: Black Cherry, Lemon and Lime and Raspberry and Rhubarb. 

    M&S are a great store to find surprising low-calorie options, their 450 calories pizzas recently took the internet by storm! And now you can pair the pizza with a low-calorie tinnie, a dream come true.

    The new range of Hard Seltzers is available in-store now, as is M&S’s other range of canned cocktails. They’ve got something to suit everyone, in portable and cute cans perfect for a day out. They offer old school G&T’s, Passionstar Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Pina Coladas,  Mojitos and more of everyone’s favourite boozy classics. 

    You can even buy all the fan favourite cocktails in a Happy Hour Cocktail Gift Hamper, which comes with all the flavours plus crisps, biscuits and crackers. Cheers to that!

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