Man’s bizarre pancake filling causes outrage on the internet

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  • Sports journalist Ian Abrahams shocked his Twitter followers with his very eccentric choice of pancake filling.

    Come Pancake Day, most of us can be divided into two main camps: after all, you’re usually a sugar and lemon traditionalist, or a Nutella nut. But not Ian Abrahams. The talksSPORT presenter’s pancake filling of choice is a bit more unusual: tinned tuna.

    Ian, also known as ‘The Moose’, took to Twitter to share a picture of his annual Shrove Tuesday breakfast.

    He captioned the image, ‘Pancake Day tomorrow, can’t wait for my usual breakfast of Pancakes with Tuna – delicious’.

    While the tweet has been liked more than 800 times and retweeted almost 300 times, unimpressed Twitter followers have been quick to share their reactions to Ian’s surprising confession. And they aren’t holding back.

    ‘Moose you need locking up for this mate,’ said one. ‘Have it every year,’ Ian replied. ‘That doesn’t make it any better,’ another retorted.

    ‘I love them both but not together Ian,’ commented another user. ‘They go well together,’ Ian insisted.

    ‘Well enjoy it Ian I will have them with lemon and sugar tomorrow,’ the user replied.

    Ian presents the sports bulletins on talkSPORT’s daily breakfast show and is also a freelance sports reporter, event host and quiz master.

    ‘That looks awful! Wouldn’t feed it the dog!’ another person cried. Yet another simply declared, ‘Disgusting’. Others claimed the picture had put them off their own Pancake Day celebrations.

    While we’re all for trying something different when it comes to pancakes, we think we might give this one a miss. But if Ian likes tuna pancakes, maybe he should try our savoury breakfast pancake recipe. And these smoky fish pancake parcels make a delicious light dinner, too.

    But a few people reached out to offer their support for Ian’s choices.

    One even took it a step further, proclaiming, ‘Nah, cheese and tuna pancakes – it’s the future, like “garlic bread” once was.’