Food hack: How to mash potato with an electric whisk

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  • Want to know the secret to perfect mashed potatoes every time? Well, you’ll have to watch this amazing food hack video to find out. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll never look at a potato masher the same way again.

    Step away from the potato masher, it’s time to try something new. This nifty food hack is going to boggle your mind and make you never look at a potato masher the same way again.

    Meet the electric whisk. Your new best friend when it comes to whipping up mash and making a perfect creamy bowl of goodness every time.

    This easy technique is going to change your life. All you need is a little butter, a dash of milk, boiled potatoes and an electric hand whisk.

    Add the butter and milk to your boiled and drained potatoes and holding the electric whisk firmly in the centre of the potatoes and pot, turn it on and whisk! You’ll have creamy mash in a matter of seconds!

    A bit of salt and pepper and ta-dah! You’ve got one of the best, creamiest, lightest, fluffiest bowls of mash – ever!

    The kids will love tucking into this lump-free mashed potato. Serve with sausages and gravy or fish fingers and beans or fish and mushy peas. The choice is yours!