Food hack: How to remove egg yolk with a plastic bottle

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  • Yes, you really can separate an egg yolk from the white using just a plastic bottle. We didn’t believe it either until we gave it a crack (excuse the egg pun!) in the goodtoknow kitchen and were blown away by how easy it really is.

    This handy hack is perfect if you’re baking a cake that needs yolks or whites only. It’s quick, easy and really works! All you need is a plastic bottle (we used a medium-sized one) and a couple of cracked eggs that need separating.

    Hover the bottle over the top of the egg yolk, squeeze the bottle with your hand gently and watch as the yolk gets sucked up into the bottle as you release your grip – it really is that simple.

    The quicker you are, the better! We learnt that you can only keep the egg yolk in the nozzle of the bottle for a few seconds so make a swift movement when separating the yolk from the white for success every time.

    This method is worth a try – perfect if you’re making meringues which only uses egg whites, so an efficient way to remove the yolks.

    Once you’re tried this method, you’ll be doing it over and over again. We’d recommend using a different bottle every time and washing and recycling each bottle once used – just for food safety reasons of course.

    Tip: Don’t press the bottle down too firmly on the egg yolk otherwise the yolk will crack and you won’t be able to suck it up and remove from the white. Be gentle but firm with your technique and you’ll have success in no time.

    Happy separating!