Food hack: How to whip cream in a jar

Watch how to whip cream in a jar with this clever food hack, which means you won't need a hand whisk, electric whisk or stand mixer with this nifty little trick. A perfect hack to know when you’re camping, without electricity or simply can’t be bothered to assemble the stand mixer.

Step away from the stand mixer, put that electric whisk down - we’ve just found the next best thing for whipping up the perfect dollop of cream - say hello to the jar!

Yes, you really can whip up light and airy cream in a matter of seconds with a strong arm and a sealed jar. How, we hear you say?! Well, watch and learn…

Those days of standing and waiting patiently by your stand mixer for that pot of double cream to thicken are over. With 30 seconds of vigorous shaking, you can have perfectly whipped cream just like that – to sandwich between a cake, dollop on top of hot chocolate or spread over pancakes as a naughty dessert.

This is the ideal hack to know when you’re camping, without electricity or simply can’t be bothered to assemble the stand mixer!

We must say we were amazed when we tested this food hack out for ourselves in the goodtoknow kitchen to find how well it worked – and first time too! So if you’ve got a pot of double cream that needs whipping and a jar with a lid you can seal it’s time to get shaking!

All you have to do is pour double cream into a jar.

Put the lid on and make sure it’s sealed properly.

Shake, shake, shake and ta-dah!

You’ve got whipped cream ready for dolloping, spreading or making that Victoria sponge (opens in new tab) look better than the rest!

This fun and quick technique will save on the washing up too as you'll only have to wash up the jar! Once you've whipped the cream you can store it in the jar too in the fridge. Just keep the cream Use By date in mind though.

Jessica Dady
Senior Content Editor

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