How to cook padron peppers

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  • Here’s a quick and simple guide for how to cook padron peppers, and you really won’t believe how easy they are to make. Padron peppers are small green peppers that are mostly mild, but can occasionally be hot! This unpredictability makes them a fun snack to enjoy with friends – never knowing who might get a spicy one. In Spain padron peppers are often served as a little tapas snack before a meal, and are usually served very simply. To make sure we got our hands on an authentic way to cook padron peppers we asked the Head Chef of The Salt Yard restaurant in London to give us his top tips. Here he shows us how to cook padron peppers super simply. First you begin by rubbing the peppers in oil and salt and then you blister them in a super hot pan to get a gorgeous charred skin on the outside. That’s all you have to do to serve this traditional tapas snack. Padron peppers are also really readily available, we’ve seen them in lots of the supermarkets and if you live near a market you could always ask your local vegetable stall holder to source them for you. These little peppers are slightly bitter, so work really well with a sweet beer at the start of a meal. These also really compliment other, richer, tapas dishes like choizo in red wine, or patatas bravas.


    • 1kg Padron peppers
    • 25g Maldon sea salt
75ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil