How to make cheeseburgers

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  • Here’s how to make delicious cheeseburgers every time, by co-founder of Honest Burgers Tom Barton. Their signature burger is a deliciously tender beefburger, topped with cheese, bacon, pickles, onion relish and lettuce. In the video below Tom explains why they go to the trouble of chopping their beef, instead of mincing it like most burger restaurants do, and how you can achieve the same texture easily at home. this cheeseburger recipe serves six, and will take around 20 mins prep to make, plus chilling time.


    • 800g Chuck steak, ideally grass fed with good marbling
    • 200g Rib Cap, ideally grass fed, the fattier the better
    • 6 x rashers good quality, dry cured smoked streaky bacon
    • Salt & pepper
      To serve:
    • 200g red onion relish
    • 300g cucumber pickles, sliced
    • 6 x slices mild cheddar
    • 2 x heads little gem lettuce, sliced finely
    • 6 x good quality glazed burger buns