The BEST pancake art you have to try this Shrove Tuesday

Forget boring pancakes with lemon and sugar, try one of these pancake art designs and really impress the kids this year

pancake art

Who doesn't like pancakes for breakfast? Rather than sticking to your usual circular shape, why not try something a little more exciting? These ideas are so good you may get asked to make them time and time again!

All you'll need is a basic pancake batter, some gel food colourings and some little piping bottles to get these gorgeous shapes nailed. From princess-perfect rainbows to crowd pleasing eggs and bacon, we explain how to do your very own pancake art at home...

Easy pancake art ideas

One for art fans

If you want to try something extra special, why not make like the Bake Off contestants and give these intricate lace pancakes a go? They look super impressive but don't actually take too much skill - but we won't tell if you won't!

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One for breakfast fans

If you want pancakes that look like they could be a cooked breakfast, this pop art egg and bacon idea is the perfect pancake art for you. Using classic Scotch pancake batter and food colouring, it's really easy to create this arty breakfast pancake set. Plus, they taste great too!

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One for Minions fans

Image from Heather Hollondaise Blog

If your kids are big fans of those little yellow creatures, then creating these arty pancakes will fill them with delight in the morning. They're as simple as they look too - all you need is a couple of circle cookie cutters, some slices of banana and a couple of blueberries. There's a second Minions film coming out soon too, so you better get practising!

One for chilly mornings

Image from Sweet and Simple things

If it feels frosty outside, make it look even chillier inside the house with this polar bear pancake. Again, they're super simple to create just using round cookie cutters, but you could even freestyle it by hand if you're brave enough. Sprinkling a little icing sugar over the top creates that white polar bear like look.

One for Ladybug fans

Image from Pancakes and Pennies

Adding some red food colouring to one of your pancake mixtures means you can create this simple ladybird creature. It's easy make by creating different sized circular pancakes and simply splitting the red one in half to make the wings of the ladybird. Just use chocolate drops for eyes and spots on the ladybird's wings.

One for Easter

Who said pancakes just have to be for Pancake Day? Try these simple Easter Bunny shaped pancakes this year, they're easy to freestyle in the pan, or you can cut up bigger pancakes to get the right size pieces. Just add some cream for a tail and you're done!

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Medium skill pancake art ideas

One for rainbow fans

This special pancake art even has a glittery pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Using a classic scotch pancake batter and a whole host of different food colourings, this rainbow pancake is super colourful.

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One for Ninja Turtle fans

If your kids are fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they'll absolutely love this monster pancake art. It's really quick and easy to make using a classic scotch pancake batter and plenty of green colouring. It's a great one to try just to see the smiles on their little faces.

Get the recipe: Ninja Turtle pancakes

Difficult pancake art ideas

One for Disney fans

Image from Charlotte's Lively Kitchen

If you have a Disney fan in the household this Mickey Mouse pancake is a great one to try, to treat them in the mornings. It takes a little more skill using a squeezy bottle to get the pancake mix into the right outlines, but it's totally worth it for that perfect pancake!

One for story book fans

Image from Imgur/putuguk

This Peter Rabbit is a great one to try for little ones who are fans of the classic children's story. It's a bit tricky with a squeezy bottle to get the colours and shape quite right - but look how amazing the finished result looks!

One for Nemo fans

Image from Imgur/putuguk

If your kids are big Finding Nemo fans this skilled pancake art idea is a great one to try for a breakfast and pudding treat. It's a little tricky but the bright design will light up even the most dreary of mornings!


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