Lace pancakes recipe

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Make like the Bake Off contestants and make these fabulous lace pancakes for dessert tonight - everyone will be impressed at their intricacy

Lace pancakes
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  • Vegetarian
Preparation Time10 mins
Cooking Time10 mins
Cost RangeCheap

Make your pancakes into a work of art with this pretty lace pancake method.

This isn't so much a pancake recipe, as a method for cooking them that makes them even more exciting. They look so pretty, but they're actually really easy to create. All you need is a squeezy batter bottle, and then you can let your creativity flow. Make them in any shape you like. We've styled ours up in a heart-shape for the romance of it, but you can do circles, spirals, or even Easter eggs. Need some extra inspiration? Watch our step-by-step video. The basic recipe we've used here is our Scotch pancakes recipe, because it makes a lovely smooth batter, but if you prefer, you can use a classic pancake recipe.


  • 1 quantity of scotch pancake batter
  • 50ml milk




  1. Start by making up some scotch, we’ve used our classic scotch pancake recipe but added 50ml of milk to it to make it easier to draw with.
  2. Next, add the batter into a squeezy sauce bottle with a narrow nozzle and make sure the lid is secured tightly. Heat a large frying pan on a medium to low heat (too hot and the batter will burn before you've had time to draw out your design). Using your bottle make a small heart shape in the centre of the pan and then make a bigger heart around the outside of the smaller heart.
  3. Add a line of semi circles with the pancake batter around the bigger heart, but don’t fill them in. Then zigzag the batter in the space between the two hearts to make a lace effect.
  4. Once you’ve finished the lacing, flip the pancake over to make sure both sides are cooked.
  5. Carefully remove the pancake from the pan and place onto a plate – you can stack up several lace pancakes to make a lacy stack.

Top tips for making lace pancakes

Switch things up a gear by splitting you pancake batter into two bottles and mixing in a few drops of pink food colouring into one of them. Now you can make two colour lace works.

Drizzle your pancakes whatever toppings you like - melted chocolate, chopped nuts, maple syrup, lemon juice and caster sugar or cream all work well.

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