Eggs and bacon pancakes recipe

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serves: 2
Skill: easy
Cost: cheap
Prep: 10 min
Cooking: 10 min
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  • Who doesn’t love pancakes? They’re the perfect chance to indulge in a quick dessert (or five!) and have some family fun with the kids. Next time, instead of just sticking to your bog standard pancake recipe, why not try something fun with this easy pancake art idea? We’ve made our pancakes into arty eggs and bacon and the finished result looks and tastes great. Both your kids (and your Instagram followers!) will be really impressed with these pop art style egg and bacon pancakes, but no one needs to know how easy they are to make. Treat them just as you would normal pancakes, and choose whether to finish them with sweet or savoury toppings for breakfast or pudding, the choice is yours!


    • For the pancake batter
    • 1 quantity of
    • batter
    • 50ml milk
    • Pink, white and yellow gel food colouring


    • To make the pancake batter

      1. You’ll need to make up some scotch pancake batter to start, we’ve added another 50ml of milk to make it easy to pour.
      2. Then, split the batter into four batches and add either yellow, pink or white food gel colour to each one.You’ll need one light pink batter and one dark pink one for the bacon. Add each of your coloured batters into squeezy sauce bottles with narrow tips.

      To make the eggs

      1. Place a frying pan on a gentle heat and outline a small circle with the yellow batter and fill it in.
      2. Add the white pancake batter to another squeezy sauce bottle, use this to draw an egg outline around the yellow centre and then fill in the egg from the outside in.

      To make the bacon

      1. Using the light pink batter draw a squiggly bacon shaped line and repeat to thicken it out.
      2. Use the dark pink pancake batter to draw another line, to give the bacon a streaky effect. Repeat with both the light and dark pink pancake batter until your bacon is thick enough.
      3. Flip the pancakes to cook both sides.
      4. Serve on a plate and style it up to look like arty eggs and bacon.
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