Easy vegan cake recipes

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  • Our vegan cake recipes are perfect if you’re on the hunt for a delicious dessert. We’ve got everything from chocolate passion fruit cake to raw carrot cake, so you’ve got a vegan cake recipes for every occasion…

    Looking for new vegan cake recipes? These vegan cakes are so quick and simply to make, you really will impress your afternoon tea guests. Everyone loves a vegan sweet treat with a cup of tea.

    It can sometimes be difficult to cater to everyone’s dietary requirements, or you may have jut decided to give up meat and try a vegan diet yourself.

    What is a vegan cake?

    A vegan cake is a cake made using no animal products. Egg-free, dairy-free products are used instead.

    How do you make a vegan cake more moist?

    If you’re looking for a way to add some moisture to your vegan cake we recommend using soy milk as its high in protein.

    Make sure you don’t overcook your vegan cake too as this can dry it out. Wrap in tin foil or make sure you keep your vegan cake in an airtight container once baked and cooled. This will make sure it keeps moisture whilst being stored.

    Why is my vegan cake rubbery?

    To stop your cake from being rubbery make sure your ingredients are at room temperature when it comes to mixing. Make sure you don’t over whisk your cake mix too.

    To ensure these vegan cake recipes go down a treat, we have made some clever swaps to remove the dairy products, while still ensuring the cakes have a spongy moist texture. You will never guess they are dairy free!


    Easy vegan cake recipes