Best Jubilee cakes and bakes to make for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee (2nd-5th June 2022) by whipping up one of these patriotic cakes and bakes...

A collection of Jubilee cakes and bakes including Union Jack cake
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From biscuits to show-stopping cakes, from tray bakes to cupcakes, here are the best Jubilee cakes and bakes to make for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Whether you're looking for a sweet buffet food (opens in new tab) option for a street party, a classic British bakes (opens in new tab) for a bake sale, or for some quintessential afternoon tea ideas (opens in new tab) to impress the family, we've got a fantastic and suitably patriotic array of cakes for the occasion.

"One of the Queen’s favourite flavours is lemon and she actually had lemon posset at her wedding," says award-winning baker Kate Tynan from Little Button Bakery (opens in new tab), whose cakes have even been featured in that classic British soap Coronation Street. "Lemon is a great summer flavour choice for cakes. Add the zest and juice to a sponge mix or the fresh juice into buttercream for cupcakes. You could also make lemon curd to top some regal afternoon tea scones – a British classic! Pair them with clotted cream and strawberries for a luxurious Jubilee treat. Or why not fill some jam tarts with it too? Add some pastry crowns to the top so they are fit for the Queen herself."

Kate also suggests getting your kids involved with your Jubilee bakes. "Make cupcakes and colour the batter in blue and red for the Union Jack, add some red, white, and blue sprinkles, and then get them to design some celebratory paper flags to add to the top. For a quicker (less messy!) decoration, you can also buy ready coloured tubes of icing to make a flag pattern on your cupcakes. Or why not make some crown-shaped cookies and decorate them with some edible gold leaf or edible glitter and gold sprinkles?"

Jubilee cakes and bakes 2022

Jubilee cake

This sponge has three layers sandwiched with blueberry and strawberry jam

1. Jubilee cake

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 60 mins

An icon among cakes, the classic Victoria sponge is about as British as a pot of tea. This one is layered and sandwiched together with cream and both blueberry and strawberry jam, and topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries fashioned into a Union Jack. The good news is that you don't need any fancy piping skills to make it look impressive, plus the fruit means this cake is almost good for you, right? And there is no bad news, it just tastes amazing. Perfect for a family gathering.

Get the recipe: Jubilee cake (opens in new tab)

Jubilee cupcakes

2. Jubilee cupcakes

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 50 mins

These vanilla cupcakes with frosting are easily Jubilee-d up, thanks to some red, white, and blue sprinkles and the addition of a mini Union Jack (you can pick these up easily on Amazon (opens in new tab)). Simple, but effective, so just the thing if you're not much of an expert baker – and perfect as your contribution to the street party spread. The Union Jack cupcake cases add to the patriotic theme.

Get the recipe: Jubilee cupcakes

Pearly queen chocolate cakes

These cute-as-a-button cakes look tricky but have easy to follow instructions

3. Pearly Queen chocolate cakes

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 90 mins

How adorable are these? A brilliant twist on traditional Jubilee cakes, make them as small or as big as you want to depending on how many guests you have and how much they love chocolate cake. If you want to make these little cakes even more patriotic, swap the black buttercream for a mix of red, white, and blue instead and get creative.

Get the recipe: Pearly Queen chocolate cakes

Jubilee crown cake

It's just all together WOW, isn't it?

4. Jubilee crown cake

Serves: 22 | Skill level: Challenging | Total time: 8 hours 30 mins

Worthy of a Bake Off champion, this is one for the dedicated cakesmiths out there and we can't deny it's ever-so-slightly tricky, but we have a full step-by-step guide to hold your hand through the decorating process. You'll need a lot of time and patience, as this cake definitely can't be knocked up in a hurry, but doesn't it just look worth it? It'll be a big talking point come Jubilee day – in fact, we're not sure even the Queen will be presented with a cake as utterly fabulous and lux as this one.

Get the recipe: How to make a Jubilee crown cake (opens in new tab)

Union jack jubilee cake

An easy lemon cake with a fruity icing topping, fit for royalty

5. Union Jack Jubilee cake

Serves: 18 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 1 hour 50 mins

This delicious lemon cake is a pretty simple traybake that will easily serve lots of hungry mouths at a street party (while looking jolly fancy with the summer fruits arranged with the rolled-out white icing on the top). If you need a little extra tuition on the art of cake toppers, we've got step-by-step pics on how to make the fruity flag topping, just for you.

Get the recipe: Union Jack Jubilee cake 

Raspberry Cream Cupcakes

Cupcakes topped with English raspberries, what could be more regal?

6. Raspberry cream cupcakes

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 45 mins

Simple and elegant, these raspberry cupcakes look right at home on a special party spread, or as part of a Jubilee-themed afternoon tea – you could just add some blue sprinkles to give them the full British red, white and blue. Perfect if you're celebrating the Queen's big day with friends and family, be sure to present them on your finest cake plate. Now, pass us the teapot and the cucumber sandwiches, will you?

Get the recipe: Raspberry cream cupcakes

Fiona Cairns' Victoria sponge with summer berries

The woman behind the future king's wedding cake made this Jubilee bake

7. Fiona Cairns’ Victoria sponge with summer berries

Serves: 16 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 1 hour

There's absolutely nothing that Fiona Cairns doesn't know about baking cakes fit for the Queen – because HRH has actually eaten her cakes. That's because she designed and made the 8-tier fruit cake for William and Kate's wedding a decade ago, no less. And now she's made a cake for us, too – and, mercifully, it's a bit easier to recreate than her spectacular royal wedding offering.

Get the recipe: Victoria sponge with summer berries (opens in new tab)

A delicious and yummy chocolate cake that looks as good as its taste. It is quite easy to make this perfect tea-time treat.

Fancy, fudgy and full of the most British of fruits

8. Chocolate strawberry cake

Serves: 8-10 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 1 hour 50 mins

Is a party even a party if it doesn't involve a chocolate cake?  This rich fudgy chocolate cake is decorated with fresh strawberries for a more Jubilee-like feel – and you can even top this cake with a berry-based Union Jack if you want to go all out. Whatever you do, the making and slathering on of a marvelously gooey ganache will see that this cake is a right royal showstopper, and would be perfect if you're taking part in a Jubilee bake sale.

Get the recipe: Chocolate strawberry cake (opens in new tab)

battenberg cake

Rather more fancy than the shop-bought variety, this battenburg has pistachios in the mix

9. Battenberg cake

Serves: 8-10 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 1 hour 50 mins

An absolute icon of British bakes. Sure, you can buy one in a packet from the supermarket, but making your own version of that chequered sponge wrapped in marzipan will be a serious street party talking point. This beauty has crushed pistachios in the mix and might look like it needs Mary Berry's skills, but it's not as hard as you might think. Bake two sponges - one pink, one green – cut and assemble with marzipan and jam, and voilà. If you're skilled (or patient), you can also make your own marzipan flowers to really make it fancy.

Get the recipe: Homemade battenberg (opens in new tab)

chocolate biscuit cake

This fridge cake – also known as tiffin – is the Queen's favourite

10. Chocolate biscuit cake

Serves: 16 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 10 mins

It's a simple bake, but one with royal approval – because this is the Queen's favourite cake, and that's official. Former Buckingham Palace chef Darren O'Grady said this is Her Majesty's favourite treat with a cup of Earl Grey of an afternoon – and it's said she has a slice every single day. If that's the secret to a long and healthy life, then we don't mind if we do.

Get the recipe: Chocolate biscuit cake (opens in new tab)

The kids will go wild for these adorable flag cookies

11. Union Jack flag cookies

Serves: 16 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 1 hr 45 mins

These cute and visually striking flag cookies do require a steady hand but they do not require perfection – they're meant to look homemade after all. You'll need a flag cookie cutter and sticks (try Amazon), coloured icing, and some gold balls for the flag posts. Try displaying them in a jar filled with uncooked rice so they stay upright – you could stand them in your finest retro Jubilee crockery.

Get the recipe: Union Jack flag cookies (opens in new tab)

A selection of Pistachio and Lemon Amaretti on a sheet of parchement paper and a wooden board.

These Italian biscuits have the same flavours as the official Jubilee dessert

12. Pistachio and lemon Amaretti

Serves: 20 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 45 mins

These tres chic bakes might be more Italian than homegrown but they are a nod to the flavours in the official Platinum Jubilee pudding – a lemon and amaretti trifle. Easy to make, they're also low fat, and clearly fabulous with a frothy coffee after a Jubilee-inspired dinner. You could also crumble them over some summer berries and whipped cream or ice cream for a perfect sunny Bank Holiday dessert.

Get the recipe: Pistachio and lemon amaretti (opens in new tab)


The Queen starts the day with a choc biscuit – and we're sure she would approve of this one

13. Double chocolate chip cookies

Serves: 24 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 42 mins

Do you know what the Queen loves to eat in the morning with her cup of tea? Nope, not eggs and bacon, but chocolate biscuits. Her former chef says that the Queen is a serious chocoholic and likes to start the day with a couple of biccies with her tea. And, as befitting royalty, these are absolutely top-notch chocolate cookies – they have milk, dark and white choc chunks in them, and even the dough has actual real chocolate rather than just plain old cocoa powder in it.

Get the recipe: Double chocolate chip cookies (opens in new tab)

Wimbledon recipes: Classic summer British treats

A classic British dish for a classic British occasion

14. Bakewell trifle

Serves: 4-5 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 30 mins

Is it even a special occasion if there isn't a trifle involved? Desserts don't come much more British than this – and the official pudding of the Platinum Jubilee is a riff of the classic trifle. We've gone back to basics here, with the almonds on top a homage to another classic dessert, the Bakewell tart. And, instead of one big dish, this is individually portioned, so no arguing over who got the biggest serving. An ideal end to your Bank Holiday Sunday dinner.

Get the recipe: Bakewell trifle (opens in new tab)

Strawberries and cream cupcakes

Mascarpone frosting on a strawberry sponge with a fresh strawberry on top is a delight

15. Strawberry cupcakes

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 40 mins

A cake topped with a shiny red strawberry is always a delight to behold, and the even more wonderful thing about these cupcakes is that the sponge is a strawberry flavour too. The frosting, made with mascarpone cheese, is super simple too, yet how effective? Make a double batch, present them on a pretty stand, and they'll be the talk of the street party cake table.

Get the recipe: Strawberry cupcakes (opens in new tab)

victoria threader pimms cupcake

It would be rude not to wash down these adorable cupcakes with a Pimms and lemonade

16. Pimms cupcake

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 1 hour 15 mins

Could there be a  more quintessentially English drink than Pimms in the summer? Fill a big jug full with mint, strawberries, and cucumbers and mix with lemonade, and serve not with crisps and nuts, but with these awesome Pimms cupcakes. Filled with a mix of strawberries, sugar, and Pimms and topped with cucumber, oranges, and strawberries, they're cute, tasty, and novel. Now we don't know about you, but we're ready for cricket on the lawn.

Get the recipe: Pimms cupcakes

Catherine sponge recipe

This passion fruit sponge cake is made with champers and dusted with an icing sugar crown

17. Queen’s sponge

Serves: 10-12 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 1 hr 10mins

This isn't any old commoner's sponge. As befitting its name, this is a Champagne sponge with a passion fruit and marshmallow filling. Created by chef Brian Turner and Julia Speare Cole, a relative of the baker who made the original Victoria sponge, no less, this is a 'Catherine sponge' and was first made to mark the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

Get the recipe: Queen's sponge (opens in new tab)

Welsh fruited tea bread recipe

This fruit bread contains strong tea in the ingredients – hence the name

18. Welsh fruited tea bread

Serves: 10 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 1 hr 30 mins

If you fancy representing all the countries of the Queen's home nation in your Jubilee bakes, flying the flag for Wales is this fruit bread – or bara brith to you, if you're Welsh. A regional classic, it's simple to make and is delicious warm or cold, and ideally slathered in butter. If there's any left from your Jubilee gathering, try it for breakfast with a strong cup of tea. Nice with a hunk of cheese too, if you ask us.

Get the recipe: Welsh fruited tea bread (opens in new tab)

VE Day baking ideas

Kirstie's royal bake is simple, striking and perfect

19. Kirstie Allsopp’s Union Jack celebration cake

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 40 mins

Kirstie's take on a simple classic, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this Union Jack cake, featuring a fresh fruit flag. The easy sponge is made with condensed milk with a jam filling and a buttercream icing topping. A proud centerpiece to any Jubilee party on any street.

Get the recipe: Kirstie's Union Jack celebration cake (opens in new tab)

Lemon cake with lemon curd buttercream

Got a jar of lemon curd in the cupboard? This is definitely the best use for it

20. Lemon curd cake

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 55 mins

Lemon curd is a British classic. Deliciously sweet on toast, it's also an excellent baking ingredient, and fit for a Jubilee treat. The soft sponge is covered with citrus buttercream and a lemon curd filling. Tangy but not too tart, it's ideal for those who prefer their sweet treats a little sharper. And as much as we love a summer berry for our Jubilee bakes, this is a nice contrast to all that strawberry action.

Get the recipe: Lemon curd cake (opens in new tab)

Homemade coffee and walnut cake

A traditional bake for a traditional occasion

21. Coffee and walnut cake

Serves: 8 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 55 mins

An icon of British bakes, this traditional coffee, and walnut cake can be made well in advance – you can even freeze it and defrost it before the royal celebrations. Topped with coffee-infused buttercream and walnuts, this is best washed down with, you guessed it, a sweet, milky coffee. Or, if the sun comes out for Her Majesty, how about an iced coffee instead? Perfection.

Get the recipe: Coffee and walnut cake (opens in new tab)

Cute Platinum Jubilee treats for big and little kids alike

22. Lemon squares

Serves: 16 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 45 mins

One for the kids (sure, and the big kids) these zesty treats filled with sultanas, mascarpone, and lemon curd are decorated with your favourite sweets – of the iconic British variety, of course. Dolly Mixtures and Liquorice Allsorts are visually striking (and tasty) as a topping, but, if you did want to be a tad more sophisticated, you could top with a sprinkling of lemon zest instead. Pastel perfection.

Get the recipe: Lemon squares (opens in new tab)

Mini Victoria sponges

The Queen's great great granny's favourite sponge, in individual form

23. Mini Victoria sponges

Serves: 12-14 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 35 mins

A traditional sponge in a nontraditional format, because, like the modern royal family, sometimes we have to shake things up a bit. Victoria sponges were, of course, named after the current Queen's great, great grandmother Queen Victoria, as she enjoyed a slice or two with her cuppa. Instead of a slice, you get a whole one to yourself with these, which can only be a good thing.

Get the recipe: Mini Victoria sponges (opens in new tab)

Classic ingredients for a perfect teatime bake

24. Banana and walnut cake

Serves: 10 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 1 hour 40 mins

A mash-up of everyone's favourite lockdown bake (though whether the Queen was baking banana bread while tending to her sourdough starter, we cannot confirm) and walnut cake, these two classics come together brilliantly. This teatime treat is a perfect Jubilee cake. We bet her Majesty likes to tuck into a slice while reading the Racing Post of an afternoon.

Get the recipe: Banana and walnut cake (opens in new tab)

Chelsea buns

Classic currant-filled buns, perfect for Jubilee breakfast or afternoon tea

25. Chelsea buns

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 40 mins

Start your Platinum Jubilee day off with a bang, with the ultimate pastry. Fruity, sticky Chelsea buns are one of our favourite traditional British recipes and, as Chelsea is a mere short Daimler ride from Buckingham Palace, they're plenty regal enough for us. Amazing served warm with a pot of Earl Grey, especially when homemade. Don't mind if we do.

Get the recipe: Chelsea buns (opens in new tab)

Caraway seed cake

This simple aniseed flavoured loaf is due a revival

26. Caraway seed loaf cake

Serves: 8-10 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 55 minsA nostalgic occasion like a royal Jubilee is a good excuse to revisit ingredients of old and revive bygone recipes. This simple caraway seed loaf was a jolly popular addition to tea time in the Victorian era, and the seeds are quite aniseed-y in flavour, giving it a distinctive taste. The good news is that you can freeze it to delight your taste buds on another day if you're feeling slightly over-faced by the glut of Jubilee sweet treats.

Get the recipe: Caraway seed loaf cake (opens in new tab)

Iced gingerbread squares

Made with powdered and crystallised ginger, these cubes are high on flavour

27. Iced gingerbread cubes

Serves: 15 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 75 mins

Gingerbread is a classic British bake and this one is deliciously syrupy. Spiced with ground ginger, then topped with crystallised ginger, it's got a real zing, and looks far fancier than your average gingerbread too. The sugary coating softens the flavour a little, and it definitely needs a cup of tea, ideally in a china cup for the occasion, to wash it down. It can also be frozen and saved to brighten up another day in the not-too-distant future.

Get the recipe: Gingerbread cubes (opens in new tab)

Eccles cakes

A regional delicacy, you can't beat a flaky, fruity Eccles cake

28. Eccles cake

Serves: 20 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 45 mins

A northern classic, these flat raisin-filled, sugar-coated pastries (a cake that's not really a cake) have been around for quite some time – a chap called James Birch created them at his bakery in Manchester suburb in 1793. There's even a blue plaque to mark the spot. If you wanted to posh them up for the Jubilee, various foody types, including Heston Blumenthal, have been known to serve them with a hunk of Stilton, that most British of cheeses. It shouldn't work, but somehow it really, really does.

Get the recipe: Eccles cakes (opens in new tab)

Madeira cake recipe

A light lemon sponge - perfect served with a cup of tea

29. Lemon Madeira cake

Serves: 6.8 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 1 hour 15 mins

Named as such because it was traditionally eaten with a glass of Madeira, the sweet wine from the Portuguese island, this is nevertheless a classic British sponge cake. Flavoured with lemon juice and zest, it's perfectly lovely on its own, or as a dessert with fresh cream or custard, and, of course, a glass of Madeira or sherry. Because who are we to argue with tradition? We bet Her Majesty would strongly approve.

Get the recipe: Lemon Madeira cake (opens in new tab)

Carrot cake is as popular now as it was when the Queen was first crowned monarch

30. Spiced carrot cake squares

Serves: 15| Skill level: Easy | Total time: 50 mins

Carrot cakes were popular in the 40s and 50s due to rationing at the end of the war, so making these for the Platinum Jubilee is a lovely nod to the street parties held for the end of World War 2 and the Queen's Coronation way back in 1953. Not that carrot cake is any less popular today, because good things are made to last – and this recipe is most definitely one of them.

Get the recipe: Spiced carrot cake squares (opens in new tab)

Blackberry bakewell cake

The TV chef's twist on a Bakewell tart

31. Gizzi Erskine’s blackberry Bakewell cake

Serves: 15| Skill level: Easy | Total time: 50 mins

Another iconic British bake is, of course, the Bakewell tart, hailing from the Peak District town in Derbyshire. TV cook Gizzi Erskine has come up with her own twist on the recipe, in a cake-ier form and adding in fresh blackberries instead of the traditional jam. It's lower in sugar than traditional bakes and still features the signature Bakewell almond flavour. We think we might sit down to watch the Trooping Of The Colour with a slice of this.

Get the recipe: Blackberry Bakewell cake (opens in new tab)


Orange, marzipan and pistachios are a stunning flavour combo
(Image credit: TI Media)

32. Marzipan and orange traybake

Serves: 16 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 50 mins

It doesn't get more classic than marzipan, as ingredients go. But this is a slightly less conventional use than the traditional topping to a fruit cake. Grated into the cake mix, along with the flesh and zest of an orange, this simple traybake is topped with icing and crushed pistachios to beautifully balance out the flavours. A delicious addition to any royal tea party, or will go down a storm at a bake sale.

Get the recipe: Marzipan and orange traybake (opens in new tab)

Lemon butterfly fairy cakes

These fairy cakes have us feeling all nostalgic

33. Lemon butterfly fairy cakes

Serves: 168| Skill level: Medium | Total time: 45 mins

Before we got all Americanised and started referring to individual cakes as 'cupcakes', they were better known as fairy cakes. So let's get back to tradition for the Jubilee with these butterfly cakes that have us feeling all nostalgic for the treats of our childhood birthday parties. Dusted with icing sugar and filled with mascarpone and lemon curd, they're super cute. You could always Jubilee them up with some red, white, and blue sprinkles too. Pass them out to all the kids on your street, and they'll lap them up royally.

Get the recipe: Lemon butterfly fairy cakes (opens in new tab)

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