17 jacket potato fillings and toppings

Here are the easiest, tastiest jacket potato fillings…
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  • From minced beef and Cheddar to bacon and spicy baked beans, our collection of easy jacket potato fillings and toppings are sure to inspire.

    Wondering what to eat with your jacket potato? We’ve rounded up the best baked potato fillings and toppings including chicken, tuna, bacon, and vegetarian options too.

    Jacket potatoes are pretty healthy, packed full of fibre and vitamin B6, which both help to aid digestion. They’re also a filling and versatile option when it comes to dieting; particularly the 5:2 diet or the less commonly known potato diet.

    Once you know how to cook a baked potato, it’s all about choosing the right fillings. One of our favourite jacket potato fillings is our pizza jacket potatoes, which you can see being made in the video above.

    This recipe transforms simple baked potatoes into a mouthwatering meal topped with peppers, black olives, mozzarella, and cherry tomatoes. The pepperoni and pesto infuse the potatoes with plenty of flavour too.

    Easy jacket potato fillings and toppings