Get free Deliveroo Plus for a year (worth £40+) with the Amazon Prime perk you didn't know you had

Our money editor explains how you can get free Deliveroo delivery for 12 months

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If you and your family love the occasional takeaway, then make sure you know the trick to getting free Deliveroo delivery to save on those additional takeaway costs that ramp up the price of your meal. 

With inflation still high, it's important that families understand how to save money to ease the pressure on their finances. Throughout the cost of living crisis, you might have switched to a cheaper supermarket or embraced a homemade takeaway whenever you got the urge for a treat. You might have also become a bit of a whizz at how to get free food to keep your costs low.

While there are multiple ways to get a cheap takeaway, you might be entitled to free Deliveroo delivery without even knowing it - here we explain how you can unlock this secret benefit. 

How to get free Deliveroo delivery

You can get free Deliveroo Plus for 12 months as a perk of an Amazon Prime membership - but not everyone realises this is an added benefit. According to data by Statista, there are 12.9 million Amazon Prime members in the UK who would be entitled to the free Deliveroo delivery. 

The perk applies to Deliveroo Plus, which is a subscription membership plan where you pay a monthly fee in return for free delivery on orders over £25. It's normally £3.49 per month (or £41.88 per year), but it means you can save up to £5 on delivery charges every time you your takeaway costs £25 or more. Deliveroo Plus members can also get exclusive offers at participating restaurants, but how good these offers are and which restaurants are taking part will depend on where you live. 

To take advantage of this Prime perk, you need to be an Amazon Prime member and have a Deliveroo account


How to get free Deliveroo Plus with your Amazon Prime membership

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It only takes a couple of steps to link your Deliveroo and Prime accounts: 

  1. Download and open the Deliveroo app
  2. Go to your account (you will need to sign up first if you don't already have an account) and click “Get Plus free with Amazon Prime”
  3. Then click the blue box which says “Claim with Amazon Prime”.
  4. On the next page, login to your Amazon account, then allow Deliveroo access to your profile and Prime status.

If you're not already an Amazon Prime member, it's easy to sign up. It currently costs £8.99 a month for Prime membership, but if you can afford to, paying for it annually rather than monthly works out cheaper. If you pay 12 monthly instalments of £8.99, you would pay £107.88 over the course of a year, almost £13 more than the annual fee of £95. 

If you don't want to commit, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial - and you'll get free Deliveroo Plus for the duration of your free trial. Now is a good time to sign up as Amazon Black Friday, a mega sale exclusively for Prime members, is taking place in October. Plus, there are lots of other benefits of being a Prime member.

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