British Gas customer? Here's how you can get 50% off electricity on Sundays this summer

Energy giant launches its Summer Sundays scheme for its customers

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British Gas is offering its smart meter customers half-price electricity on Sundays throughout the summer, in a move to encourage using more electricity at off-peak times.

Families have spent the majority of 2022 and 2023 worried about how much their energy bills will cost. Even though the energy price cap will take over from the Energy Price Guarantee from July, we're all still paying considerably more for the energy we use compared to what we were paying before the energy crisis began. 

Called the Summer Sundays initiative, it is open to British Gas customers with a smart meter who are registered for its PeakSave scheme. 

How does the British Gas Summer Sundays scheme work?

British Gas is offering half-price electricity to its customers on Sundays throughout the summer to reward those who use more electricity outside of peak times.  The discount will run from 11 am to 4 pm every Sunday from 25 June to 24 September 2023. The initiative offers a discount on the unit prices of the energy you use, and not the daily standing charges that you pay. 

To take part, you must be a British Gas customer, with a smart meter and have registered for PeakSave. It costs nothing to register, and and the discount will automatically be credited to your account within two weeks of each Sunday. On other days of the week, you will pay your normal rate.

British Gas says this initiative will benefit about 200,000 customers, saving around £5m by the end of September.

Explaining the scheme on its website, British Gas says: "When demand for electricity is at its highest, it’s often necessary to generate more electricity by burning fossil fuels. And when it’s low, renewable sources are more readily available."

Demand is lower on a Sunday as there is less demand from businesses, so the PeakSave scheme encourages customers to use more energy on a Sunday to maximise their savings. 

The PeakSave scheme was initially launched in 2022 as part of the National Grid Demand Flexibility Service, which ran over the winter. The Demand Flexibility Service offered money off energy bills in return for customers reducing their energy usage at peak times - you might remember when Martin Lewis urged families to avoid doing their laundry at peak times to help avoid the risk of rolling blackouts when energy supplies were low. 

How to maximise savings for your family

To really maximise how much you can save with the Summer Sundays initiative, it makes sense to save using your most electricity-guzzling appliances until Sunday, when you can get 50% off your energy costs. This includes your washing machine, tumble dryer, and dishwasher in particular. While busy households might still need to use these appliances throughout the week, it's still beneficial to save usage until a Sunday if you can. 

Those who have a family tradition of a roast dinner every Sunday will also benefit from 50% off the cost of running their oven on that day. 

How to save if you're not a British Gas customer

If you aren't with British Gas, you won't be able to take advantage of Summer Sundays, but there are other ways you can reduce how much energy you use to keep your bills as low as possible. 

  • Dry clothes outdoors or on an airer instead of using a tumble dryer
  • If you do want to use your tumble dryer, tumble dryer balls, like these wool balls from Amazon, can help reduce drying time.
  • Don't leave appliances on standby - they will still be using energy even when you're not using them
  • Use eco modes on washing machines and dishwashers. Cycles run at cooler temperatures but for longer so items still come out clean. 

Read our guide if you want to know how to save energy in homes. If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, you're not alone and help is available. Don't forget that low-income households will also receive another cost of living payment in the autumn, which can be used to help with energy costs over winter.

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