Kitchenaid 2L Blender Review

A vibrantly designed food processor with extensive blending and mixing capabilities

A collage of images of the Kitchenaid 2L Blender, our pick of one of the best baby food makers
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“It's not technically a baby food maker, of course, but I love how sophisticated and vibrant this machine looks in my kitchen compared to other 'kiddie' gadgets," says our reviewer Grace Holliday, who put this to the test. "What's more, the 5 blade, 3-button set-up makes everything from pureeing to blending very straightforward."

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Gorgeous colour selection

  • +

    Wide variety of blades and functions

  • +

    User-friendly 'flip' buttons

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Slight squealing sound when in use

  • -

    No steaming function

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Kitchenaid has a well-earned reputation for designing attractive devices, and their 2L blender is no different - which is why it features in our best baby food makers roundup. 

The Kitchenaid 2L Blender comes with five attachments so it can handle a whole plethora of different foodie functions. It's not a machine dedicated to creating baby food, but these attachments allow you to blend, mix, grate, slice, and knead. As such, it's a sensible option for anyone looking for a device that will suit the weaning months and baby food years but also last well beyond them. 

With this blender, there is nothing complex to get to grips with and the flip buttons are particularly noteworthy - a pleasure to use, in fact.

If you're looking to keep kitchen surfaces clear of clutter, you'll like that all the attachments fit inside the blender at once for easy storage. 

The Kitchenaid 2L Blender in red


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Weighs: 4.3 kg | Suitable from: 6 months+

KitchenAid, with its well-established reputation and distinctive design, offers a variety of food processors that can handle baby food making as well as functions for adult meals. For this reason, I decided to pit it against baby-branded food makers to see if it could hold its own. 

Of course, it doesn’t steam (which many machines designed especially for baby use do) but if you’re just looking to prep and blend, there is a lot to be said for choosing this blender. 

I tested a beautiful rich cranberry red model and, as with a lot of KitchenAid products, it's available in a wide range of appealing colours. The jug is transparent and printed with a variety of measurements, and the machine itself is taller than it is wide. Based on both its look and shape, it's definitely worthy of prime position on your kitchen worktop; adding something to your interior rather than detracting from it. It also features flip (as opposed to press) buttons, which are a little unusual but have a satisfying, soft click. 

Comfort and features

As well as blending, the 2L Kitchenaid food processor can slice, grate, knead, and even crush ice. It comes with five different attachments to do so, all of which slide smoothly into place. There is no need to wrestle with complex locking mechanisms, which is an advantage since the attachments are so sharp.

Similarly, there is no need to fiddle around learning how to twist the jug into place -  you simply place it on the base. A jug lid is included, which is handy if you want to store your mixture in the fridge without first having to transfer it to another container. 

The three flip buttons - low, high, and pulse - are simple to use. And to change function you simply change the blade or attachment. 

I enjoyed that it wasn’t too loud when in use, making more of a faint squealing than the low, heavy rumble that machines of this weight and size are usually known for. 

If you do wish to store it away, you can fit all of the attachments neatly inside, which is handy. However, it looks so lovely that you couldn’t be blamed for leaving it out to show off to guests!

Value for money

While at the upper end of the price range for food makers, there is a lot going for this KitchenAid food processor. If you’re just looking to prep and mix produce, you can cater to babies, children, and adults with its capabilities. Once you’re done with making carrot puree for a baby, you could knead a pizza dough for a toddler and whip up smoothies for parents right after. There is a real variety of what can be made thanks to all of the blades, and given the simple button function, it's just a case of picking the right attachment and standing back while it gets to work. You’re also getting a visually lovely item for your money, which is certainly a bonus for house-proud parents.

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