KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle review

A modern, sleek kettle designed by KitchenAid with easy-to-use temperature control and efficient boiling function…

KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle review
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If you're looking for an energy-efficient kettle that not only does its job to perfection but also looks the part too then let us introduce you to the KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle. The temperature control function allows you to control exactly how hot the water boils - depending on whether you're making tea, coffee, or herbal teas. The narrow spout ensures precision pouring with no spillages or waste, and the quick and quiet boil makes the whole experience of tea making a real delight.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Temperature control

  • +

    Quiet and quick-to-boil water

  • +

    Available in a variety of different colours

  • +

    Sleek, modern design

  • +

    Narrow spout for precision pouring

  • +

    Good size model and water volume

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    Quite heavy - especially once filled to the max

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We've put the KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle to the test to see if quality really is in the brand name.

KitchenAid is a kitchen appliance brand best known for its high-quality and efficiently designed products. Sought-after KitchenAid stand mixers are often top of customers' lists when it comes to the brand, however, KitchenAid manufacturers a range of smaller appliances too - from toasters to coffee makers, and in this instance, kettles.

The KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle is the perfect model for those looking to up their kitchen appliance status. Certainly taking pride of place on the kitchen counter, this smooth, curvacious kettle comes in an array of different colours including pistachio as featured.

With the main function being variable temperature control, this model certainly takes tea-making to a whole new level with temperatures varying from 50-100C. The dual wall construction ensures that the kettle itself is better insulated therefore water will keep hotter for longer, noise is reduced and the outside of the machine is much cooler to touch once boiled. 

The KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle also comes with a three-year guarantee. 

KitchenAid kettle review

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Volume capacity: 1.5 litres | Power: 3000 W | Weight: 2.99 kg | Colour: Pistachio

Before you even use this KitchenAid Artisan kettle you are drawn to its smooth finish, sleek lines, and bold colour. 

"The kettle arrived safely packaged. It was super simple to put together with the kettle sitting easily onto the base of the machine, with an adjustable cable under the base which you can unwrap depending on how much cable you need to plug the kettle in," says Senior Content Editor, Jessica Dady.

She continues; "A quick glance over the instructions and the kettle was ready to use in a matter of minutes. Once you've selected the temperature you want the kettle to boil at, you click the switch on the side of the machine down and it beeps to let you know that boiling will commence. I didn't even realise it was boiling at first as the kettle itself was so quiet compared to other brands I've had before."

Once the kettle has reached the maximum boil you have selected the machine beeps a second alert to let you know that the water is ready to be used. The base also features a blue light that follows the gauge when selecting which temperature you want the water to boil at. 

Comfort and features

The KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle has certainly been designed with the user in mind with an easy-to-clean and removable limescale filter, swift temperature control, and one of the simplest features which made one of the biggest impacts on our tester - the soft-grip handle.

"The soft-grip handle was a real game changer for me," says Jessica. "As soon as I'd boiled the kettle and lifted it up I truly appreciated the stability that the handle gave when pouring out the boiled water. It sounds like a really simple thing but as I suffer from wrist pain the maneuver of picking the kettle up and tilting it to one side to pour the water can really cause a strain on my wrist and just knowing that the grip was in place gave me more stability and peace of mind."

Alongside the soft-grip handle, the kettle features a one-push button system to open the lid and a keep-warm function to maintain the desired temperature when the water is ready for up to half an hour after it's been boiled. 

"Another feature that really ticked a box for me was the dual-wall construction which meant that the outside of the kettle stays cool to the touch making it so much safer with kids around," says Jessica. "My two are at kitchen counter height now and are very curious when it comes to what's going on in the kitchen, of course, I've highlighted the dangers from oven to the kettle to tumble dryer but just knowing that this kettle - despite being boiled to the 100C max point which I tested out - is still pretty much cool to the touch on the outside, was a real bonus for me."

Not only does the dual-wall construction keep the outside of the machine cool, but it also keeps the water inside hot acting as insulation, keeping the boiled water hot for up to half an hour. 

Value for money 

With most high-quality, sought-after branded kitchen appliances there is often a hefty price tag to follow. The KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle is certainly not a bargain buy, however, with everything that is included with the model, it's reasonably priced for such an efficient, stylish kettle. 

"This kettle to me isn't just about boiling water like your bog-standard kettle would do. It's about customising that experience to suit you - so if you're an avid coffee drinker for example you may often boil the kettle to the max and then add a splash of cold water to your brew before drinking. This kettle allows you to set the temperature to make that black coffee to perfection with one click of a button," says Jessica.

"The look, the style, the finish - all tick boxes for me. And all the functions from soft-grip handle to noise reducing boil, from keeping water hot for half an hour to super speedy boiling, all make this model worth it."   

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