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The Nanit Pro Camera has all the benefits of the Nanit Plus Camera with some useful extras such as a breathing band included in the price. It also has a higher resolution camera and an upgraded chip for extra security. While it's a premium priced purchase, if you're after a floor standing camera that gives exceptional bird's eye view footage of your child and delivers it straight to your camera, we think this is a brilliant buy.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Bird's-eye view of baby

  • +

    Zoom and night vision modes

  • +

    Sleep tracking and trends info

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Smart use only - no dedicated parent unit

  • -

    It's expensive

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Looking for a smart baby monitor that gives a crystal clear picture of your child in their cot? If so, read our in-depth Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor review below to find out why this could be the baby monitor to go for. 

In our round-up of best baby monitors, we named the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor our best buy for a premium budget. This Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor is a step up from the existing Nanit Plus Camera, which you can still buy on Amazon and which we also recently reviewed. For the purposes of this Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor review, we've focused on the latest monitor and its best features.

The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand, the best premium baby monitor for 2022

Credit: Nanit

How we tested the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Our review of the Nanit Pro is based on feedback from our parent tester Rachel, mum to three- month-old Freya. We asked Rachel to try out the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor and share her thoughts on the design, functionality, and its best features.


Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐   | Type: Smart monitor | Sound alerts: Yes | Motion alerts: Yes | App control: Yes | Talkback function: Yes | Lullabies included: Yes | Nightlight: Yes

The Nanit Pro is a smart baby monitor that you can control using a smartphone or tablet. You can choose to buy a wall-mounted version or a floor-standing design. In our round-up of best baby monitors for 2022, we focused on the floor-standing option. This costs £80 more than the wall-mounted version.

In the box, you get all the kit you need to create the floor stand and position the camera. You also get a small Breathing Wear band included. Rachel's initial reaction when taking everything out of the box was that the pieces felt well made and the design was attractive. 'The most enticing thing about this baby monitor is its high-definition camera,' she says. 'The floor stand that holds the camera means I can get a birdseye view of Freya when she's asleep. And as it's compatible with Alexa I can share the picture on my Echo Show when it's convenient too.'

It didn't take Rachel long to put the metal stand together and she was able to position it over the cot to get the best view. 'If I want to be able to use the camera around the house I'll need to buy a multi-stand accessory that will cost an extra £50,' she says. 'But I think this floor-standing camera is a good choice if you're looking for a fixed option and don't need to travel with it.'


The Nanit Pro Camera is an improvement on the Nanit Plus Camera as it has an enhanced chip for better connection and security. It also comes with a Breathing Wear band included in the box so you won't have to buy this separately. 'The Breathing Wear band is designed to track baby's breathing and sends the data to the Nanit app on my phone,' explains Rachel.

'It's designed for use from 0-3 months, so Freya is just getting a little big for it. But I think if you're particularly worried about keeping track of your baby's breathing in the early days, this breathing band would come in very useful.'

Other improvements include an enhanced chip for better connectivity and security. There's also an upgraded internal speaker that has improved the connection to two-way audio, white noise, nature sounds, sound alerts, and notifications.

The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor is also different from the previous model in that the camera's resolution is much higher. Whereas the Plus version is a standard 720p, the Pro is high- definition 1080p. 'I was impressed at just how clear the bird's eye view and audio are on this camera,' says our tester, Rachel. 'The app gives you real-time sound and motion alerts and started recording whenever Freya moved, which is reassuring.'

Best features 

With AES 256-bit data encryption, the Nanit Pro Camera will give you a secure picture of your baby straight to an app on your smartphone. It doesn't come with a separate parent unit, so you will need to download the app on your smartphone or tablet to make use of its best features. You can also let multiple users download the app and get access with your permission. This means you and your partner and the grandparents can all get access.

Rachel was particularly impressed at how many features the app provides. Included in the price of the Nanit Pro Camera is a year's free insights service. 'When I registered with the app I had access to a lot of sleep tracking tips and breathing motion data,' says Rachel. 'This comes in useful when you're obsessing about sleep in the early days! When Freya was wearing the breathing band I could tell how many breaths she had per minute. I could also analyse her sleep data with the app telling me the exact moment she fell asleep.'

'The app has details such as total time slept in the night, how many times I had to go into to her in the night, and overall sleep efficiency. The app collates all the milestones and even shares them in a digital scrapbook in the app that you can share with others.'

Value for money

With crystal-clear bird's eye footage of your child, breathing information, and personalised sleep data, the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor is jam-packed with special features. If you're looking for a smart baby monitor option with lots of useful sleep insights, it's a design worth taking a close look at.  You can currently find the Nanit Pro wall mounted camera online priced from £284, but you'll have to pay a little more for the floor-standing option at £379.

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