Kate Middleton’s title change set to trigger ‘bittersweet’ feelings for Prince William

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  • Kate Middleton’s expected title change is expected to trigger ‘bittersweet’ feeling for Prince William.

    Kate Middleton is likely to have a title change when it comes to royal succession but it is expected to trigger ‘bittersweet’ feelings for Prince William.

    The Duchess of Cambridge is married to Prince William who is second in line to the throne, and should the time come that his father Prince Charles becomes King, he could possibly choose to pass down his title to his son the Duke of Cambridge.

    But the move, likely to take place should the Queen die, is expected to trigger ‘bittersweet’ feelings for William according to a royal source.

    “I’m sure it’ll be a bit of a bittersweet moment,” the source tells the Telegraph about the possible Kate Middleton title change.

    “This is her [Diana’s] son and his wife, so in some ways, it will be coming full circle—but it will also be a poignant reminder of what we all lost.”

    Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker-Bowles is technically the Princess of Wales but out of respect for the previous Princess of Wales, the late Princess Diana, she doesn’t use the title.

    But with a more confident Kate these days, following her 40th birthday, it’s likely that the Duchess will cope well with any change.

    And body language expert Darren Stanton previously told Marie Claire (on behalf of Be My Bet) “She is always seen with a very open and honest smile denoted by visible crow’s feet around her eyes. Her whole face is engaged when smiling and it’s clear she has developed a massive confidence not only as a royal and a public figure, but as a parent too.”

    Last year Prince William and Kate launched their new YouTube channel and Kate appeared relaxed in front of the camera…

    Prince William ensures his mother’s memory lives on in the sweet ways he shares stories of ‘Granny Diana’ with his children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, so it might end up being more sweet than bitter, should Kate Middleton be given her title change.