The hilarious thing Prince Harry said to Meghan Markle in their wedding day carriage

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

The hilarious comment Prince Harry reportedly made to his wife Meghan Markle moments after they tied the knot back in 2018 has been revealed.

  • The hilarious comment Prince Harry made during the horse-drawn carriage ride on his wedding day has been revealed.
  • In Finding Freedom, a new biography about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship and their exit from royal life, it's claimed the prince was distracted by something rather funny.
  • This royal news comes after the change to the Queen's summer routine was announced.

In Finding Freedom, the new biography written by royal journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's departure from the royal family, details of the ride the newlywed couple took in the carriage away from St George's Chapel on their wedding day are revealed.

According to the authors, Prince Harry made a rather funny confession to his new spouse as they took in the sight of the crowds of royal fans surrounding the Windsor Castle chapel.

The book recalls how former Suits actress Meghan was stunned by the view of gathering on-lookers as they rode away, but Harry had something else on his mind.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

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The book says, "After the ceremony, the newly-wedded couple paused at the top of the chapel steps just after 1pm to, at long last, engage in the time-honoured tradition of sharing their first kiss as husband and wife.

"Then, with the voices of the Kingdom Choir singing 'This Little Light of Mine' ringing out from inside the church, they climbed into their horse-drawn carriage for a twenty-five-minute celebratory ride through the streets of Windsor.

"Lifting her hand to her chest, Meghan had just one word when she saw the huge crowds gathered on the grounds of the castle: 'Wow!'

"Sitting down in the carriage beside his bride, Harry laughed that his trousers were 'too tight.'," it goes on to claim.

Poor Harry!

"And just like that, the wedding of the year, or at least the portion they were willing to put on display for the world, had come to an end, the couple literally riding off into their happily ever after as they alternatively waved to the cheering fans and stared at each other, marvelling at the momentous step they had just taken," the memoir continues.

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